How Does Coconut Oil Help Treat Dandruff?

How Does Coconut Oil Help Treat Dandruff?

Worried about dandruff issue??? Well it has become worldwide common. A little extra dryness or oiliness gives you lifelong stress as flaky skin begins to appear. If you get an itch in the scalp, then it is highly embarrassing for you to express that in public too.

Going through various remedies may not be of much help in some cases. Yet there are numerous remedies for the treatment of dandruff. One of them is the oil massage. And coconut oil has been listed amongst the most effective ones. The coconut oil can be used in various ways to get rid of dandruff. Let us explore one by one.


Benefits of coconut oil:

Apart from being edible oil, the coconut oil is a natural moisturizer for the scalp and encloses anti-fungal qualities which treat extreme cases of dandruff effectually. It conditions the hair and gets to the roots of the strands to work internally. Composed of lauric acid and capric acid, the oil reconstructs the hair and compensates for the loss of protein.


Ways to use coconut oil for dandruff:

There are a good number of ways for using coconut oil for treating dandruff. Some of them are brought into focus here.

  • Clean your hair by using shampoo without making the use of conditioners. Allow the hair to dry. Take coconut oil in a bowl and start applying on the scalp. Remember not to use the oil in other parts of the hair other than the scalp covering the roots. Keep it for an hour or two and then wash off thoroughly to clear up the oil using a baby shampoo. You can see the required result if the process is followed weekly once.


  • You must have seen the coconut oil packed in small containers. The oil is in solid form. Take a spoonful of the solid coconut oil and heat it up to get the liquid part. If it becomes too hot then allow to cool a little bit. Apply the oil on the scalp before it gets completely cooled. You have to massage through the scalp gently so that the oil has enough time to penetrate into the hair roots. Now use a towel or a shower cap to cover up the head. Keep as such for fifteen to twenty minutes. After that wash off your hair with your regular shampoo. It would be better if the shampoo contains a moisturising conditioner.


  • Coconut oil acts better if combined with other ingredients. Let us take lemon juice. We are very well aware about the advantages of lemon juice. Hence take coconut oil and lemon juice together in a ratio 5:1. Mix the composition well and then apply it on the scalp while massaging gently. Keep it undisturbed for about half an hour and then wash off with your shampoo. This process can be done by mixing lemon juice with warm coconut oil also.


  • Fenugreek seeds are also advantageous and hold a good number of votes for curing dandruff. Crush a spoonful of fenugreeks seeds. Do not add water now. Take five spoons of coconut oil in a separate bowl and make it warm. Now mix the crushed fenugreek seeds into the warm coconut oil and mix well. Apply this mixture on the entire scalp after cooling it down. Leave it undisturbed for about two hours. And then wash off with normal water using your regular shampoo. Repeat this regularly to get complete rid of the dandruff issue.


  • You may be surprised but it is true that camphor when mixed with coconut oil can get you off the dandruff issue. Add one spoon of camphor to half a cup of the coconut oil with stirring simultaneously. The specialty of camphor is that it can stored for number of days and reused from time to time. So keep the mixture in a container which should be airtight enough. Massage the mixture for about ten minutes each night. You may shampoo the following day. This application is to be repeated for about two weeks for the complete removal of the dandruff.

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