Hot oil treatment

Hot oil treatment

As we know oil are very essential for nourishment of your hair. Today usually we use different type of hair products which can damage your hair and also through pollution, stress, heredity you lose your hair’s natural beauty. And if you want to make your hair naturally beautiful then it is must you want to try oil treatment for your hair. When we use styling products for your hair they can damage your hair and also make your hair looks dry and fizzy. Hot oil treatment also prevent you from dandruff and dry scalp. These are some steps to apply hot oil to your hair.
We know that coconut oil is best option for your hair care. Then here we use coconut oil for nourishment of your hair. It can give you soft, radiant and healthy hair.

How to apply
• First of all put towel on your clothes, so that oil does not make your clothes oily.
• Take a bowl and pour some coconut oil in it warm up that oil on stove but do not boils it. Try to avoid microwave.
• Massage the coconut oil onto scalp for the proper blood circulation which scalp need most.
• After applying oil comb you hair for distribute oil in your hair also. So that your hair no more dry.
• You can also apply this at night and wash hair at morning or can also leave it for only two hours both can work. But try to apply at night for fully nourishment.
• Cover your hair so that your pillow doesn’t absorb oil from hair.
• Wash your hair with shampoo so that oil can remove completely from hair.
• After shampooing it is not compulsory to use conditioners because oil act as an natural conditioner but it s your choice.
• Let dry hair and you noticed that you have soft, shinny and beautiful hair.

Best hair oil for your hair according to your hair

Almond oil best for wavy hair: – Sweet almond oil contains vitamin A, B and E which helps to heels split ends and improves circulation. Mostly wavy hairs are looking dull and almond oil add luster and shine to your dull hair. It also protects your hair from harmful UV rays.

Pomegranate seed oil for fine hair: – pomegranate seeds contain punicic acid which helps to get rid from dull hair. Pomegranate seed oil is a rich source of vitamins and minerals for gorgeous hair.

Rosemary oil for thin hair: – Rosemary oil contains iron, calcium, and vitamin B, the oil acts as an anti-aging agent, helps boost colour, shine, thickness, and prevents hair loss. If you regularly use this oil then it makes your hair thick and gives you great hair.

Olive oil: – Olive oil is best for all type of hair. It gives you deep-conditioning treatment. Olive oil has been used from many years because of its so many benefits. It is best oil for nourishment of hair. This oil is also containing omega3 fatty acid which gives strength to your hair.

These are some basic hair oil adopt them according to your hair type and take benefits from them. Coconut oil, almond oil these are some basic hair oil that suits for all type of hair. Apply this oil to your hair at night or before 2 hours ago from washing. Oiling is important for all type of hair because they prevent your hair from damage. Remember that oiling is compulsory for all type of hair to get shiny, soft and lustrous hair.

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