Honey for hair growth

Honey for hair growth

Everyone loves beautiful hair and wants to make him strong and beautiful. There are so many food are available for make hair mask which are good for hair and honey is one of them it can make hair shine smooth and silky and make them beautiful naturally. We found so many different minerals and vitamins’ in honey which is so good for hair and make hair so beautiful. Honey helps to make hair shine and smooth and silky naturally and also reduce the problem of hair fall and make hair thicker. There are so many different ways to use honey for hair which make hair shine and smooth and beautiful which is best for hair and also everyone require.


Use of honey for hair growthwe can use honey mask in different way to make hair shine and strong and also apply honey directly for good result. There are different ways to use honey for hair.


  • Honey hair tonic:-
  • honey
  • olive and coconut oil
  • some dried sage
  • 10 tablespoons water

How to use–mix the entire ingredient well and apply on scalp for 10 min and massage on scalp and then rest for 30 min then rinse out hair with using shampoo. Apply once in a week.


  • Only honey:-
  • honey
  • Fresh water

How to use–take some honey and mix some amount of water and mix it well then apply on hair and rest for some time you can also massage for some time then rest and rinse out.


  • Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar:-
  • honey
  • apple cider vinegar


How to use–take some vinegar and mix some honey in this and then on hair as shampoo and massage then rest for 15 min and rinse out.


  • Honey and Onion Juice:-
  • honey
  • onion juice

How to use–take honey and mix some onion juice in this and apply of hair for some time then rinse out after some time.


Regular use of this honey mask can increase your hair growth and make hair thick and beautiful. If we use this honey mask twice in a week then it will give you best result on hair.




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