Homeopathic Treatments For Hair Loss

Homeopathic Treatments For Hair Loss

Folks in both the hemispheres of the earth are facing the issue of hair loss. Seeing bundle of hair on the brush after combing is a dread feeling. Mind goes blank at that point. Well you must not have left behind any of the ways to prevent hair loss. It is a pity that in spite of trying out all possible ways you have not got the agreeable result. However that is not the end.

Every problem has a solution and you should not lack trying. Help yourself by opting homeopathic treatment for hair loss. Homeopathy is that part of the medical science where the root of the problem is eradicated to fasten the healing process. Here some of the homeopathic treatments are highlighted which aid to the prevention of hair loss. Make sure you use the treatments as directed by the physician.


Bakson’s hair-aid:

Dandruff can be the vital cause for hair loss. Winters bring dry scalp and hence dry flakes start to appear. This further loosens the base and hence the roots of the hair are weakened. Thus hair loss occurs. Therefore to strengthen the roots of the hair follicles, one can use the hair-aid by Bakson’s. This treatment adheres to the proper nourishment of the hair roots which further alleviates other issues such as split ends and greying of hair.


SBL’s scalptone:

Hair loss can be caused due to variable reasons. Isn’t it good to have a treatment which can wipe out all the causes of hair loss at a stretch??? Well, scalptone from SBL helps to prevent you from all kinds of hair loss. It enhances natural growth of hair thereby making the hair grow strong and dense. It comes in a tablet and does not affect you from side effects. Apart from aiding to prevention of hair loss, the homeopathy treats issues related to dry scalp and itchiness. On implementing this treatment as per your doctor’s advice, you would have well nourished hair too.



Lycopodium is the solution to most hair problems. This homeopathic medicine is prepared out of fungus, generally known as club moss. It provides an amazing and fruitful antidote for hair loss. Extreme loss of hair which leads to baldness can even be cured by Lycopodium. It is strictly to be followed as prescribed by your physician.


Fluoric acid:

Hydrofluoric acid is considerably good for the prevention of hair loss. Sometimes an individual looses the hair from the spots which occur on the scalp. This condition is known as alopecia areata. The medicine known to be fluoric acid is fruitful in such a case. Most homeopathic doctors recommend this treatment for hair loss.



Sepia helps in solving a number of health issues out of which hair loss is of prior stand. The sepia treatment helps in capturing the root cause of hair loss and eradicates easily to prevent the same. The causes of hair loss like post child birth, hair matting, menopause and alopecia areata are wiped out to alleviate hair loss. Prepared from the juice of the cuttle fish, sepia gives a clean finish to the problem of hair loss.

Homeopathic treatment can get you rid of hair loss. But apart from the medical treatment you need follow certain standard rules to support the treatment. The treatment follows healthy approach. Hence give your body the proper diet and stay fit. The diet should include omega three fatty acids, zinc and protein supplements, nuts and fruits. Biotin is a vitamin B component which enhances growth of hair and must be consumed in a balanced manner to prevent hair loss. This can be taken in the form of supplements.

Go ahead with the treatment and give your hair a boost with a healthy and bright finish.

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