Homemade tip for dry hair

Homemade tip for dry hair

We all are suffering from the problem of dry hair due to many reason over hair become dull sunlight pollution are some common reason for that. The all want a best hair product to treat over dull and dumb dry hair. Today we are going to give you some simple homemade tips to treat dull and dumb hair at home which are so simple to use and easy to try at home with simple steps. there are so many home remedy for dry hair which make hair healthy and soft.


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  • Avoid too much use of chemical shampoo–to avoids the problem of dull dry hair avoid using chemical shampoo who harm your hair and make him dull and dry always use naturally products to wash hair like Shikakai.


  • Oil message–always massage your hair with little warm oil it will give you deep conditioning and make dry hair soft.




  • Conditioner after shampoo–you can also avoid this problem by using conditioner after shampoo and also use homemade conditioner for soft hair.


  • Use hair serum–if you are going for a day out then must apply hair serum and also carry this in your parse and if you applying any type of heating then also use hair serum it will make a layer and protect hair from harsh damage lights and heating.


  • Avoid straighter and heating machines–always avoid applying heating machines on hair and if your hair is wet dry them with naturally products and make hair soft and shine these heating machines can damage hair and make hair dull dumb and dry.


  • Take hair treatment–to repair dull and dumb hair we can use so many different type of treatments today at market so many different type of treatments are available who repair dull and dumb hair and make hair strong and shine.


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  • Give home conditioning to hair–today’s life is so busy and if you are not able to take treatments at market then always try to take treatments at home by using oil banana and curd or milk they are best homemade conditioner for dry hair.


  • Protect hair from sun light–if you are going for sunny day out then always be carefully always protect hair with cap or scalf because harsh uv lights can also harm your hair and damage them so it’s must to protect hair with sun light.


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If you follow some simple regular tips and take care over hair then you can easily avoid the problem of dry hair.

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