There are so many reasons are behind dark and dull skin like sun exposure, pollution, skin types , poor life style , imbalanced diet, chemicals presents in cosmetic what we use and many mores. Many of us work really hard to achieve flawless fair skin and for this they rush to market where thousands of lotions and creams are available promising so much about skin care but these cosmetics are not consider as a good choice regarding your skin care because these cosmetics products contains harmful chemical products that sooner or later harms your skin and another drawback of these cosmetic products are they are so expensive that very few of us can affords there expenditure. But this is not only the way of taking care of your skin thanks to the nature that gives us so many ingredients which are very beneficial regarding our skin and if we choose those products it is very pocket friendly too. So here in this content we are going to tell you about some easy and very effective home-made skin lightening remedies.

-Some Natural Home-Made Skin Lightening Remedies-

-CURD-Curd is consider as a one of the best easily available natural ingredient which we easily found at every kitchen, It is by-product of milk and has so many properties which make curd as a very skin friendly natural product. Lactic acid which is present in curd has some very effective bleaching properties which are beneficial for every skin types.

You just need to rub curd onto your face gently, and after about 15 to 25 minutes wash your face with Luke warm water and for best result do this at least for once for few weeks and you will notice some significant results.


-ORANGE- Vitamin C is consider as one of the best ingredient regarding proper skin care and oranges are the main source of vitamin c and orange is beneficial for skin lightening because of its bleaching properties. Research has found that regular consumption of orange juices can improve your skin texture and make your skin soft and radiant.

You just need to combine two table spoon of orange juice with pinch of turmeric powder and just mix them well and apply this paste gently on your face before you going to bed and about half n hour wash your face , apply this paste for few weeks and your skin becomes so clear and fair.


-HONEY- Like we mention earlier that nature provide us so many natural ingredients having so many skin friendly properties that we need not to go for other cosmetic products available in markets and honey is one among them. Honey has bleaching properties which is helpful for your skin and honey also helps in maintain the proper moisture level of your skin which makes honey as a one of the important natural ingredient which helps your skin. Dry skin is commonly contribute the reason behind uneven skin tone but honey helps a lot to make your skin hydrated and also reduce the other skin related troubles like acne dark spots etc.

You just need to apply pure honey on to your face  and after about 15 to 20 minute wash your face gently with luke warm water this helps in removing unwanted dead skin cells from your face and makes your skin looks fresh and brighter.

So these are some of from many natural ingredients available at every home which we can use for taking care of our skin. Hope this content helps you in getting brighter and soft skin which you always dreaming about and at very reasonable cost at your home by your own.

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