Homemade Remedies to Protect Sun Damage Hair

Homemade Remedies to Protect Sun Damage Hair

Sun is a great source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is very essential for our bones and hair. It gives a admirable strength to our hair. But sunlight also contains UV radiations, which can negatively affect your skin. These radiations are not good for our body. These rays can cause skin cancer. Apart of this these are very harmful for our hair too. Exposure to the UV rays may damage your hair shaft. It makes your hair weak and brittle. Prolonged exposure to sun can make your hair dry and dull. Sun rays having high intensity draw the moisture from hair and hair become dry. Even it can cause discoloration of hair.


How sun beams can damage your hair:-

Sunbeams can be divided according to their intensity. Sun light contains three kinds of radiations named as  UVA, UVB and UVC. Out of them UVC are absorbed by ozone layer. But ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B are very harmful. They are not absorbed by ozone and come to earth’s surface directly. These rays may damage hair permanently. Penetration intensity of these rays is very high, so it can penetrate your hair cuticle easily and burn your scalp. Thus it is very important to take appropriate precautions, specially when your are stepping outdoor. A scarf or a hat can protect hair from direct exposure of sunlight. Besides this you can also try your own homemade natural hair masks. Hair masks give your hair a very natural look. It not only provides the sufficient moisture and shine to hair but also protect it from summer sun.

Before making your own hair mask recipe, it is better to know about hair type. Hair may be dry, oily or combination of both. Normally dry hair look very dull, whereas oily look very greasy. Some hair strand are oily from root but dry towards end. By knowing hair type you can select an appropriate ingredient to make hair mask. Here i m giving some tips and tricks which has a major hand in protecting your hair from sun.


Home remedies to repair sun damaged hair:-

  1. Banana hair mask.

You may try a banana hair mask. It is enriched with all natural ingredients and very easy to make it. Banana has a high hydrating property. So applying this on hair gives a very cool effect. It provides the enough moisture to hair. It contains some natural ingredients like coconut oil and olive oil. These ingredients nourish hair strand very well.


  1. Avoid hair coloring and other chemical products-

Summer sun draws a lot of moisture from hair and makes it dry. On the same way, hair straightening creams and coloring dye also do the same. So you should avoid too much color in summer. If you would like to color your hair still, then you may do this once in a month.


  1. Use natural shampoo-

Artificially and chemically prepared shampoos are not good for hair. Harsh chemicals on these shampoos may dull your hair by making it dry. So switch to the natural shampoo instead of using chemically prepared products. You can try homemade beer shampoo or fuller’s earth ( Multani mitti) for washing your hair.


  1. Gelatin hair mask:

All protein enriched hair masks are very good option to heal damaged hair and gelatin hair mask is one of them. Mix some gelatin powder with water. Add some drops of vinegar in it, drizzle some lemon drops and mix it really well. Now apply this on hair for 1/2 hour and wash hair with mild warm water. It not only cures your hair but also gives a very natural look.


  1. Coconut oil:-

Coconut oil provides sufficient moisture to hair. So coconut oil is also a best way to cure sun damaged hair.

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