Homemade Face Packs For Tanned Skin

Homemade Face Packs For Tanned Skin

In summers and winters we easily got sun ten. Sun ten is most often a result of unveiling to ultraviolet rays (UV) radiation from sunlight or from synthetic sources. Tanned skin hide your original fairness and that is really so unfair, obviously tanned skin is not look good. In marketplace there is a big amount of chemical products gives you clam that they can remove all tannins within 5 days or 7 days etc. no matter that they says but we know very well that chemical product can do situation more worst because they are harsh, allergies and not safe.
Nature gives us many gifts we just have to accept it and take benefits from this.

For the remove tanned skin and get fair skin some home remedies are so effective here I’m going to tell you some, hope it’s advantageously for you.

  • Raw Milk: Milk protein works from deep within to slacken the melanin content in the skin making it fair & nourished. Special actives help in lightening and reducing the tanning in the skin making it luminous and younger. So every night before going to sleep take a half bowl of raw milk and apply it with the cotton all over the affected areas. Face, neck, hands and foot everywhere you can apply it, leave it for whole night and take a shower on next morning. For getting better result do it every night.


  • Sugar-Lemon:Sugar and lemon is very effective partners to remove all sun ten. Take a one big tea spoon sugar, and 2 tea spoon of lime juice mix it and slowly rub it on affected areas, do it only 5-6 minutes and then leave it for 20 min. after it get dry wash it off. Lemon has vitamin C properties which is so effective to remove all dead cell and ten skins.


  • Papaya-Honey mask: for removing sun ten here I’m presenting another awesome face mask which gives you result within 3 days, after use. Take a peeled papaya slice and mash it off then put one tea spoon pure honey in to the puree and apply it on the face and neck evenly. Leave it for 30 minutes till it gets dry. Wash it off with the lukewarm water. Do it every day to get relief tanned skin.


  • Cucumber –Marigold flower leafs: Take a cucumber, do not peel it just cut it into some pieces and a big size of marigold flower, remove its leafs, mash it together; you can put some lime juice too for better works. Make a paste with all ingredients, apply it regularly. Cucumber gives a real freshness and softness to your skin and marigold is Responsible to gives you fair skin. So enforce and get awesome result.


  • Multani mitti with beetroot juice: for urgently get rid from sun ten this is the best remedy, all time my favourite. You just need some crushed Multani mitti, soak it into the rose water or normal water, take half tea spoon of beetroot juice and put into the Multani mitti and make a paste, apply it and remove I after 20 minutes, do it 3 times in a week for get amazing result.


  • Rose leafs with red sandalwood powder and curd:these are some very easy and super effective home remedies for getting rid of tanned skin. it’s not only remove ten skin but also gives you such a baby soft pinkish skin, which you going to love very much. take a bowl and put 2 tea spoon sandalwood powder in it, then Take a rose flower and crush it , mix both ingredients together, put some curd on it for making thick puree, apply it every day till you get fair and glowing skin which you want to have.

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