Home remedies for healthy hair

Home remedies for healthy hair

We all want healthy shine hair for that we so many different type of treatments like spa and other treatments. But due to pollution the problem is only increase not decrease so it’s good to take only home treatments to make hair smooth and shine and beautiful. And make hair shine and healthy. And these treatments are so easy to take at home and cost nothing and affect more and make hair healthy and shine naturally and its cost is less then market spa and treatments there are so many treatments are who make hair healthy. So we are going to tell you about some remedy to make your hair beautiful.


  • Home remedies for healthy hair:-


  • Onion juice–onion juice is so best for hair and reduces so many hair problems and makes hair healthy and beautiful.


How to use–take four onions according to your hair length. Grade them and squeeze out the juice from it and then apply this juice on scalp and rest for 15 min then wash it with shampoo apply twice in a week for better result.


  • Potato juice–we found rich amount of vitamin A, B, and C in potato which is very good for hair and make hair shine healthy and beautiful naturally.


How to use–take one big potato and squeeze out the juice into juice and then mix one egg into this. And also mix 2 tablespoon of honey and mix it well and then apply this into hair and rest for 45 min and then rinse out and for better result use twice in a week.


  • Egg–hair are made with protein and egg have rich amount of protein so to make hair healthy apply egg on hair.


How to use–take an egg and creck in bowl pour into bowl and mix two tablespoon of honey and olive oil. Mix it well and apply on hair then rest for 30 min and rinse out.


  • Lemon juice–lemon juice have rich amount of vitamin C and B which is so goof for hair and make hair healthy and shine naturally.


How to use–take one lemon and squeeze it and mix some olive oil and coconut oil and apply on hair and rest for whole night and then wash at morning. You can use this twice in a week


  • Apple cider vinegar–we found rich amount of ph in this that helps to make hair growth faster.


How to use–take some vinegar and mix some amount of water in this then apply on hair and after some time rinse out.


Regular use of these remedy can increase not only hair growth but also helps hair to look shine beautiful and healthy and make hair thicker. So these home remedies for beautiful hair is best for any type of hair.


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