Healthy white sauce pasta recipe

Healthy white sauce pasta recipe

Everyone love food and love to eat and cook both. Every person can cook food some Cooke food for daily purpose some for temporary. But at the entire all try cooking. If you can make simple thing like bowl egg and make nodules then you are called cook. But cooking any think is an art if you do this very effectively and you have talent to cook healthy and tasty both at same time then its wonderful combination. Because healthy food is always good for people and if we make this with taste then it’s loved by everyone. So today we are going to tell some interesting and healthy food recipes if you get bored with your regular food then you should try this food and it may give you new test and make you love with these recipes.


All people love pasta and if it is with white sauce then its wonder full and you love this so today we are going to tell you about the recipe of white sauce and make wonderful recipe with this and it make your test better and its healthy for your body to So here the recipe of white sauce with pasta for you.


Ingredients for pasta–to make paste you need some ingredients and here the list of this.

  • Butter
  • Flour
  • Milk
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Mushrooms (for added flavor)
  • Cheese
  • Red chili (flakes)
  • Onion and Capsicum
  • Cream
  • Baby corn
  • Oregano


Ingredients for paste–to make paste you can also need some ingredients here are the ingredients.

  • Water
  • Salt
  • Oil
  • Pasta


How to make white sauce pasta–

  • First start with washing all the vegetables Take the entire into a bowl and then wash them properly. After washing all the veggies then chopped and cut them and then dry them for some time.
  • After that take a bowl and pour some milk and flour in this and then mix them properly remember don’t you see and lambs in this mixture.
  • After doing this take a fry pan and heat them and add some butter in this. Rest till butter get malted and be sure the butter can’t be burn after butter malt then add some chopped and cut onion and steer them and then fry them till the convert into brown shade.
  • After the onion become brown add all the veggies like corn, mushroom, spinach and then steer them and close the bowl for some time after some time open the bowl and again steer them and then again close till all the veggies get fried properly.
  • When all the veggies are get fried properly then add white milk and flour mix in this and steer then till the souse convert into a thick consultancy and the add chili flacks in this and then add pasta and steer them for 2 min and the finish with grading some cheese on the top and your white sauce pasta recipe is ready.


So it’s too easy to make this pasta sauce recipe and make your food so tasty and increase your taste. With all the ingredients its taste was so yummy and the veggie included in this are all so healthy and fit and make you strong.

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