A consistent way to add sprout dishes in meals is very important. There are several dishes that can be tried today itself as they are easy to cook and add nutritional value in a balanced diet. Mangoes and sprouts can be a healthy way to ad in summer to approach a kick start. There are other such delicacies that cannot be missed at this instance to add sprouts in our diet as they produce iron which is essential form of nutrition in our diet.


  • Sprouts with mango and fruits

This is an easy dish to prepare sprouts consisting mango and some fruits. Mangos shall be turned soft as they are to be placed in prohibited H2O compartment. A dressing is to created in a form of food processor. Adding the ingredients such as olive oil, honey, pepper, salt and vinegar is second step for the process. Blending the mixture with mango and adding some raisins would taste good. It is ready to be served with sprouts and garnishing it with apples and grapes will produce excellent results.


  • Fenugreek curry

Another awesome and mouthwatering dish to present it with sprouts is fenugreek curry which is so very good and is irresistible if consumed once. This is a simple recipe that is well explained in a simple manner. Some olive oil in a pan, sauté some chopped onions while adding garlic and pepper. Adding fenugreek sprout, curry leaves and soy sauce and letting it cook in slow for few minutes. A glass cornstarch should be added to prepare the dish in salsa so that a thick layer is observed. Having fenugreek curry with rice would taste as well as having it chapatti.


  • Balela

This dish has now become a recognized and a famous dish in universe as it tastes delicious and necessary nutrients are available at this end. For this recipe Garbanzos are dripped overnight which are covered with lemon and olive oil. After that it has to be cooked well with some tomatoes and onions. Parsley is cut into small pieces and garlic is to be minced with packet leaves. As per the taste salt and pepper can be added so that it is rich in taste.


  • Pea shoot stir fry

This is the best and healthiest among all dishes that can be considered for snacks as it is even easy to cook and has health advantages due to its nutritional value. For preparing the recipe, heat a vessel, add some recipe, heat a vesse lrecipe, heat a vessel recipe, heat a vessel recipe, heat a vessel and garlic paste for a better taste. Add some pea shoots at the same time and stir it nicely for a mixing texture. Then adding soy salsa would brighten up the taste again mixing the mixture for some 45 seconds, it is ready to serve within some minutes.


  • Lentil bulgur salad

An easy and healthy way to consume sprouts in dish is by preparing lentil bulgur salad. First of all, adding water in wheat is recommendable to make the texture boil. This has to be covered not more than 10 minutes to form exact texture for the wheat. All the required veggies that are of choice have to be cut and chopped properly into small pieces. Some olive oil, salt, pepper and veggies with sprouts are mixed so well that everything is although mixed accordingly. This is to be blend accordingly and lettuce leaves can be used to serve the lentil bulgur salad.

There are even some more recipes that are sprout omelets, sprout fried rice, potato salad with sprouts and sweet sprout salad that is liked by most sprout lovers.

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