Health Checklist and Diet plan for women

Health Checklist and Diet plan for women

Women are the backbone of every home; and extended to the country and might extend to the world. Such a backbone should be strong enough to withstand in its responsibilities. Health is very important than anything in the world. ‘A sound mind in a sound body’ is a common saying.

Being a woman, we experience a lot of health problems. Beware of those problems and take pre-cautious methods to safeguard ourselves. The morphological changes and improper diet are the main reasons that lead to many health problems.

Health is important for all living beings. And we have to be very careful regarding it. Various ways to be healthy includes daily exercise along with the healthy diet. Our eating habits affects our health very much.

Women needs extra care due to their immune system. Their bones seeks calcium as they have to work longer.


Health Checklist and diet to overcome :

  1. Irregular periods: It occurs between 23 to 33 years of age; it is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. The abnormal ovulation may cause irregular or absence of monthly periods. The high risk factor is that would lead to problems connected with pregnancy.

To overcome the irregular periods, take proper food daily and effectively. Iron, calcium and vitamin rich sources are to be taken. Fruits, vegetables and dates will work better.


  1. Hormonal fluctuations: The women of all ages undergo such mood swings during their menstrual periods and even the women with menopause stage too have the symptom. Mood swings occur due to the hormonal fluctuations.

Taking food thrice a day might reduce such swings and it is good for health control. Have your health control in your hand with healthy diet.


  1. Obesity: The storage of fat in the body leads to obesity. And obesity in turn leads to several health problems. In women it may cause inferiority complex. Women search the tips to lose weight in search engines more than men.

Proper weight checkup and the percentage of accumulated fat are vital. Don’t forget BMI calculator.


  1. Raise in Blood Pressure: Women naturally had a sense to bear any tension, in the past. But nowadays, women lose such adjustable or forgiving sense and trains to get tensed by themselves. Apart from improper diet, mental worries too affect the flow of blood in the body.

High blood pressure leads to heart disease, problems with vision, stroke and kidney.

Beware of your blood flow by regular checkups. Sometimes hunger may also cause tension and increase BP level. Have a diet or snack whenever you sense as tensed. Better have a sweet or chocolate always in your hand.


  1. Osteoporosis: Usually bone related problems occur after 30, and more injuries might be seen after 60. DEXA scan and consultation with your physician is must.

Taking calcium rich food might boost your bones.


  1. STDs: This will result negative in conceiving.

Consult with your doctor.


Diet :

Fresh Vegetables and fruits:

Fruits and vegetables are rich in all essential nutrients. It helps in losing weight and maintaining good health. Fresh fruits and dry fruits help in metabolism and prevent constipation. They take in the form of juice or salads.



Eggs are rich in protein. It prevents heart attack by reducing risks of bad cholesterol. Take limited amount of eggs a day.



Rich in protein and prevents bone injuries.


Whole grains:

Including brown rice, whole grains in different forms will help in providing adequate fiber. It will reduce body weight.



Regular health checkup with proper diet is important for the women of all age group. Consult your doctor regularly to maintain good health.


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