Zinc plays a vital role in proper functioning for the immune system and digestive systems. Actually zinc is a metal but its deficiency can causes many problems such as growth retardation, low blood pressure, depression, diarrhoea, hair loss and white spots under finger nails. So that’s why zinc is very important for body but in limited amount. Zinc is used for wound healing, common cold, malaria, hair care, control of diabetes, pregnancy, weight loss etc. Zinc is found in red and white blood cells, skin liver, eye retina, bones and pancreas. Athletics also used zinc to improve their performance and strength. We know about the benefits of zinc and now let’s see the food items contain zinc.

Food sources of zinc: – Zinc found in many food items like seafood, meats, dairy products, nuts, wholegrain, oats, peas, pumpkin seeds, almond, cashew, walnut, kidney beans, spinach, broccoli, blackberries, kiwi, and yoghurt.

Benefits of zinc: – Zinc is very beneficial for human body but it is also important for taking it in proper amount. Here are some benefits of zinc.
• Cold:- zinc is also used to treat the cold and also very effective for infections. It increases the ability of white blood cells that’s why it is useful for cold and infections.

• Acne:- zinc is also helpful t increase the quality of skin by reducing the acne. It is also effective for the oily skin because it reduces the excess oil from the skin.

• Infection:- Zinc helps us to sense taste and smells and also boosts the immunity system which protect a person from infections.

• Weight loss:- everyone want slim body and want to look good but nobody can control their diet due to the overeating habit. Zinc helps you to control the overeating habit which helps you to reducing the weight.

• Treating wounds:- zinc helps you to treat wound in minimum time. Our body contains various enzymes which are helpful for treating wounds and if deficiency of zinc increases then wound healing process become slows.

• Night blindness: – Zinc is also helps to improve vision if consuming in proper amount. Night blindness mainly occurs due to deficiency of vitamin A. And zinc contains it, so it is necessary to add zinc in your diet.

• Bone loss: – This problem mainly found in children or older one. At a certain age your bones becomes weak. It should be compulsory to add zinc in your diet to avoid bone loss.

• Pregnancy:- As we know zinc is responsible for the proper growth and maintenance of body. Zinc is very helpful for pregnant ladies because it helps for growth of child. Zinc is always recommended for pregnant ladies.

• Cancer: – zinc mainly contains antioxidant which helps you in prevention from cancer. It also prevents you from skin cancer by protecting you from UV rays.

• Prevent from hair loss: – Deficiency of zinc cause hair loss and dandruff. Zinc helps in growth and repair of broken tissue. If you want healthy hair with healthy scalp then don’t forget zinc.

These are some benefits of zinc and I hope you understand that how much zinc is essential to your body. And zinc is found in common food items which are easily found in market and also all time available at home. It is also very helpful for children because it is responsible for development of body, so children need it in their regular diet. To get healthy body zinc is very essential.

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