Hairstyle for School Girl

Hairstyle for School Girl

When girls are going to school then every girl is thinking that what the hairstyle she make every day that look her cute and trendy? Those girls who have wavy hair, thin hair, curly hair that is worry about the hairstyle what she make? so we define the simple and trendy hairstyle for school girls to remove her stress. This hair style gives you a cute and different look and helps you to manage your just kind of hair type like wavy or curly.


  • Side swept bun Hair style:

This hairstyle is perfect for those girls who have straight hair and heavy texture hair. it is easy to make.


How to make Side Swept Bun:

  • Start with comb your hair properly.
  • Make divide the hair into two partitions.
  • Take left side flips and part them into three flips or twisted them.
  • Do same process with the right side flips.
  • After braiding both side flips tie both braided with single rubber.

Side puffy Hairstyle:

This is so simple hair style but gives a cute look. it is made for all hair type. It gives you a formal look and cute look.

Studio Portrait Of Teenage Girl

How to make Side Puffy:

  • Start with comb your hair properly.
  • Then make side partition.
  • Take some side partition hair flips and make bounce in flip and attached with barbi pins.
  • Straight the remaining hair with the help of straightner.

Puffy with Cute Hair Cut:

This hair style is trendy and cute hair style. It is easy to make. This hair style specially made for short and heavy texture hair. for this you should be take this kind of haircut.


How to Make puffy with Cute Hair cut:

  • Start with comb your hair perfectly.
  • Make side partition and straight the hair.
  • Then take half partitioned hair and make a bouncy puff and attached with barbi pins.
  • If you have thin texture hair and you can’t make a puff then you should be use an artificial puff maker.


Straight Tousled Pigtails with Free Hair End:

This is very common hair style but gives you a cute look in the school. It is easy to make. It is perfect for all hair type long hair, medium hair, thin hair, heavy hair.


How to make Tousled Pigtails:

  • Start with comb your hair properly.
  • Make divide hair into two partitions.
  • Take Right side flip and loose tie it with rubber.
  • Take Left side flip and loose tie it with rubber.
  • Straight the front hair.


 Side Braid:

This is simple and formal hairstyle. It is easy to make and gives you pretty and cute look too. This hairstyle is suitable for heavy texture hair and long or middle hair type.


How to make Side Braid:

  • Start with comb your hair properly.
  • Make side partition of hair.
  • Take the side portioned in one side and divided into three partitions.
  • After that twisted them and make a loose braid and tie it with rubber.

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