Hair toning tips and techniques

Hair toning tips and techniques

In hair toning you can include different type of hair colour that makes you looks beautiful and younger. This technique is not just for the younger but it is also adopted by the edged people. Today it is the best way to look different from others. So that’s why youngsters use different type of colour for their hair like red, brown, blue, yellow and so many different colours. The main thing is that you want to choose right product that suits you because some product can damage your hair.


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What is hair toner?             

This is the right way to look different and also helps to give your natural colour to your hair. If you are feed up with your highlighted hair then it is best option for you. Hair toner is also a fashion trend which is mostly followed by youngsters.


What kind of hair toner is perfect?

As we know hair toner contains chemical in it. It is better to choose right kind of toner.

  • Always choose ammonia free hair colour because ammonia damages your hair.
  • Try to choose semi-permanent hair colour.
  • Before choosing your hair colour it is must to choose it which suits you best.
  • It is not compulsory that you decide yourself; you can also take suggestions from experts.
  • If you try totally different hair colour then you like yellow, blue etc then only selected cloths suits you.
  • If you have any kind of allergy then first test it on your wrist and if it irritate your skin then it does not suits you.


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How to use it?

  • Prepare your hair: – Wash your hair with shampoo before applying colour to your hair.


  • Determine skin tone: – As you know it is must to select colour according to your skin tone. So if you have fair skin then you can choose black, brown, and blonde. If you do not follow this step then it can be possible that you selected colour does not suits you and looking bad on you.


  • Lighter and darker shades are also available:- These kind of shades helps to looks natural and stylish only. These types of colour are also available in market which you can try at home.


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  • Try different colours: – You can also try cool colours like pink, red, yellow etc to change your colour. You can also try blonde shades like sandy blonde, ashy blonde, or beige blonde.


  • Try at home:– you can also try bleach at home because it is not so tough but you need to be careful if you have allergy problem. First of all need to read all the instruction on the box after that start applying it. Only leave it for 45 minutes for better results. So if possible try to go for professional.


  • Avoid heating tools: – when you have dyed hair and bleached hair then avoid heating tools because they can damage your hair more. Do not use alcohol contain product. Alcohol also dries your hair.


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Today some people need it to remove highlighted white hair and some want to try something different. For both kind of people hair toning is important and useful element. So if you thought for it but do not try it, then it is necessary to try and don’t be fear. Just read this article try to follow all tips. It may be useful for you.

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