Hair style trends

Hair style trends

Today so many different types of trendy hair styles are popular for people. Youth, young everyone follow these different hairstyle for look trendy and beautifully. Theses hair styles give you a different look for every occasion. This hair style gives you different look which help you stand out from the crowd.

These hair styles go out with every outfit and suits on any type of hairs. It’s so simple to carry these hair styles in less time. It’s completely change your look and gives you a trendy stylish look for every day, day out.


New trendy hair styles: – there are so many trendy stylish hair styles which you carry everyday for new cool look it’s seems so swage and trendy and also suitable for all type of hairs.

  • Bouncy straight: – today everyone like this look because it’s seems so classy and attractive.

How to achieve bouncy straight look:-

  • Start with washing your hair.
  • Apply some hair location and give bounce on hair with the help of dryer.
  • Apply straighter on lower hairs.
  • Finish with some hair spray gel.




  • Layer hair style: – now the days these hair style is so popular in youth its give you a look like celebrities.

How to make look like layer cut:-

  • First wash your hair.
  • Take a cut of layer in your hairs.
  • Take all hairs on front.
  • Make twist in of hairs.
  • Finish with some hair spray.



  • Braided pony: – it’s a look of trendy cool. It’s seems so stylish and attractive look for people.

How to make braided pony:

  • Take front hairs.
  • Divide them into three parts.
  • Make a simple braid with this.
  • Take all back hairs high and make pony with this.
  • Remember all twisted hairs also include in this.




  • Front twist back pony tail: – it’s also an attractive look for youth and looks so trendy and cool.

How to make twist pony tail:-

  • All al front hairs.
  • Divide into two parts.
  • Twist then together and take all back hair include them in this.
  • Band with rubber band make pony tail with this.




  • Bob with bangs: – it’s a trendy look with bangs for short look.

How to take bob hair style:-

  • Take a deep conditioning on hairs.
  • Cut hair in bob look.
  • Cut front hairs in bangs.




  • Simple High pony tail: – it’s a simple look for all type of hair and hair cut.

How to make simple high pony tail:-

  • Comb all hairs.
  • Collect all hair take him little bit high.
  • Band with rubber band.




  • Side water fall braid: – it’s a stylish cool swag for side pony with braid.

How to make side water fall braid:-

  • Comb all hairs on one direction.
  • Start from front.
  • Divide all hairs in three parts equally.
  • Start making simple braid and stop it until hairs finish
  • Band with rubber band.




  • Messy pony tail: – it’s a massy pony with little bit massy effect.

How to make massy pony:-

  • First comb hair properly.
  • Apply some hair gel.
  • Open front short hairs on prow.
  • Take all back hair apply gel and lighetilly crush them.
  • Take all hairs together and make a simple high pony tail with this.
  • End with banding with rubber band.




  • Twisted Btieb back: – it’s a hair style for open hair if you want little bit band on them.

How to make twisted Btieb back:-

  • Take some hairs from front from left side.
  • Divide them into two parts.
  • Twist them together.
  • Same does from another side.
  • Rape both side twist back and at end separate them.





  • Messy open hair hairstyle: – it’s seems little bit fizzy and messy but give attractive look to hairs.

How to make messy open hair hairstyle:-

  • Comb hair first.
  • Apply some hair gel.
  • Lightly crush hairs and set them as they are
  • Take some hairs on front and your hair style is ready.




  • Wavy curly: – it’s a curly hairs hairstyle but these curly are not properly round. It’s only a effect like curly hairs.

How to make wavy curly:

  • Apply some hair location on hairs.
  • Take a roller and raped all hairs in rollers.
  • Dryer for some time.
  • Open the roller.
  • Apply and finish with some hair spray.




  • High puff bun with front open flicks: – it’s a trendy stylish party look suite on all type of hairs.

How to make high puff with front open flicks:

  • First comb all hairs.
  • Apply some hair spray.
  • Left some front hair open in side swept flips.
  • Take all back hairs. Take them little bit high.
  • Apply some hair gel and make a high puff.
  • And make bun of another back left hairs.
  • Curly all rest hair from front and back.




  • Front braid and open: – it’s a stylish hair design for long and short hair if you prefer all back hairs open.

How to make front braid hair style:

  • Take front hair.
  • Comb them properly.
  • Divide them into three equal parts.
  • Twist them together.
  • Also take some up hair in this braid.
  • Only add front hairs.
  • Simple twist all hair and end the front flicks.
  • Apply a rubber band.
  • Open all rest hairs.




  • Crown braid: – it’s a stylish hair style for party and any type of occasional event.

How to make crown braid:-

  • Start from middle.
  • Take some hair from the center.
  • Divide them into three parts and start making simple braid.
  • Round the braid and take one by one round all hairs include them.
  • At the end fix this braid into hair with the help of barbi pins.

2014 diy crown braid for streak hair - brown hair bun braid hair 2014 prom hairstyles-f99052




These all hair styles are so simple and attractive and easy to make this also and the give you a stunning look for regular and any party event.


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