Today people loves everything around us sleek straight! We found lots of stuffs like cell phones to cars in these sleek looks! So how it possible that fashion world could cannot influenced with these patterns. Today women’s loves to have sleek straight and manageable hair. Trend of straight locks is definitely on the rise and women’s love to have straight hair and for which they are trying lots of things and spending a lot for this. Women’s spending a lot of money in permanent treatments but friends we are here to tell you how you guys can cut your expenditure on your hair by doing proper hair rebonding at your home. But before this we are going to explain what is re-bonding.

RE-BONDING-It is describe as a process in which readjusted the broken keratin bonds of hairs it is quite similar to straightening of your hair with straightener  but only difference is that in Re-bonding you use some chemical for breaking of the normal bonds of the cell and after that readjusted them to get straight looks. In Re-bonding of hair a softener or a relaxant is used to breaks those natural bonds of your hair and after this with the use of neutralizer rearranged the structure of your hair again which helps you in getting sleek straight hairs.


-STEPS REGARDING RE-BONDING YOUR HAIR AT HOME- Re-bonding involves some very easy and effective steps, and some very simple ways we are going to mention in this content.

– Wash your hair with a good shampoo properly, For washing use mild shampoo, Avoid using harsh shampoo for washing your hairs make sure that you rinse your hair well and wash them properly , After shampoo avoid using conditioner it comes into action later.

-Let your hair dry naturally, You may sit under the fan this is the finest way to dry your hair, or if you are in a bit rush then you can use dryer for drying your hair, naturally drying of hair is good for hair prospective or in case you opted for dryer make sure that you are using medium setting though over heating is not good for your health.

– Now you can start the process of re-bonding of your hair, divide your hair into some different section, this partition is based on to the thickness and volume of hairs.

-After partition it’s time to use either conditioner or relaxant. Use this conditioner on to your hair sections one by one that you made before and while doing this make sure that you keep your hair straight. And after this leave your hair so this cram or conditioner work properly on to your hairs, this cream work wonderfully on every hair types, for normal hair 30 minutes is quite ok and for dry you can wait for little more time.

-After this it’s time to steam your hair, this steps needed 15 to 30 minutes it’s totally up to your hair texture and its types. And after this rinse your hair properly and dry your hair well make sure that you remove every product whatever you use in this process.

-Now after washing your hair it’s time to use keratin lotion, After applying this lotion on to your hair use flat iron for iron your hair, it helps to straighten all the curls that you have and after this once again made same partition that you made earlier while re-bonding your hair and this time use neutraliser on to your hair which rearranged the bonds of your hair and after about half an hour wash your hair and get them dry once again and at last use hair serum which nourish your hair after this re-bonding session.



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