Hair Colours from Majirel

Hair Colours from Majirel

Majirel is a hair colouring system which offers you an affluent, permanent dye which is provides you a perfect distribution for hiding grey hair. With the expertness of hair colourist and a search with comprehensive and thorough colour consultation, you could achieve your fitted perfect shade. Majirel hair colours have over the 100 shades of colours so that you can be tailored to make exactly the hair colour which you looking for.

Isn’t it great!!!

There is a huge list of hair colours from Majirel, which helps you to get your perfect shed-

  • Majirelabsolu- Majirelabsolu is the professional hair dye that absolutely cover up 100% of your grey hair including caring for your the hair fibres. it creates a pure reflect colour and a nice vibrant with a rich palette of amazing rich shades and tones. The only and first professional colour for hair, Majirel cares of the overall hair fibres. It has the property of Ionène G™ and Incell™. The formula of this system helps to get strengthen, shine and re-in force the hairs. Because of this your hair looking glossy, stronger and feeling supple and soft when you touch. All professional colourist has the first choice is majirel and they always recommend to use it.


  • Majirel cool cover- this is the coolest cover for blonde hair. It will cover 70 to 100 % grey hair and the durability of Majirel cool cover has colour radiance and high-resistance, it’s a permanent colour. Check the shade chart, to select the wide professional palette of colours put in order from icy metallic grey and blondes to intense dark brunette shades on hairs.



  • Maji contrast a permanent hair colour- This is especially deign for brown hair. It a long lasting and durable permanent hair colour. It takes 15 to 35 minutes for proper developing and also depends on your hair colorist because of his/her provided service. If you are a colour trendy then this is anawesome highlighter and popular on solicit after coloured hair trends. It make beautiful intense shades and vibrant in your hairs for long lasting. This is an only single step colour service, time consuming and very attractive to wear.


  • Majirough – Looking for intense red and copper hair colour for your hair then you should try majirough permanent hair colour with the goodness of creamy texture and colour radiance &High-resistance. It’s a really very nice and durable long lasting permanent hair colour. It will perfectly cover grey hair, the result is always 100% and It will lightens your hair up to 3 levels anyway. The texture of this gives you an even looking soft and attractive highlights which is gives you a high confidence. The shades of bold red and cool copper are so innovative and the technology used in the product is DM5 and rubilane makes it especially effective.


  • Majirel high life permanent hair colour for icy blonde–this colour inspired by the youth trends. Majirel high life offer you a very nice and different colour shades for your blond hair but the worst part is covering; it does not cover your grey hair properly as well, however, only 30% of blond and grey outspread hair perhaps cover.


This is a long lasting ice blonde hair colouring no doubt. You will gonna love it because of it’s adorable looks after evince. Comes with the goodness of icium+, it’s a new trendy iridescent colour adding for the very first time in this product. The fibre in this will provide gloory and soft hair with use up to 5 of lift.


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