Everybody having some bad hair days but a hair makeover can work wonders for your hairs as well for your confidence! If you have black color then it provide you some more choices about your hair though black is an also a good choice but if you add some different vibrant color then it enhance your appearance and spruce up your attractive personality. So here in this content we are trying to help those peoples who had black hair and want to know how they can add some glamour in his or her personality by adding some different hair color with their black hair. Some people thought that if they have black hair then why they try some other option after all black is an natural as well as elegant choice but my dear friends here we are trying to make you understand how by adding some other color with your black hair can spruce up your personality and glam factor.



BEAH BROWN COLOR- If you are bore with your same old look then you have an choice to go with beach brown color with your black hair it provide you a new and attractive look where sandy shades of beaches sets very well with black hair of yours. It helps in getting soft look to your face and also helps in bringing out of your eye color and enhances your appearance.


CARAMEL COLOR-Second color which we are going to suggest is caramel color because this provides you wonderful result if you going with this color with black color of yours; it is a mixture of gold and brown subtle hues. Brown is consider as a base of the color and gold helps in highlighting this color on your hair, This shade provide you an very attractive look no matter what your hair length and style is, this is an nice option in summers and suits with almost every outfit.


CHESTNUT COLOR-This is again an very good choice which suits everybody, this color provide a rich color texture with your natural black hair this color brings best and enhance your appearance  and those having straight and wavy hairs this will be very healthy option.


GOLDEN BROWN COLOR-This color suits who prefers some bolder look! This color helps in bringing out the fair skinned peoples complexion though it also suits peoples having dusky skin complexion. All an all this color helps for those want bold and wild look and this color suits Indian complexion as well and brown hair color is a best option for hair.


MAHOGANY- This is also an good choice with black hair and this color is ideal for short peoples it helps them in look different from other peoples, this color needs frequent touch ups though Mahogany is consider as bit high maintenance color but its work very well on to your hair.


So friends these are few color from many that you easily try without thinking too much with your black hair and enjoy the wonderful effects of these color .Hope this content helps you if you are thinking to color your hair and get confused in which color you mix with your black hair or you will find yourself bit confused about whether this color suits you or not after all hair is one of the most important feature of your personality and everybody wants to take proper care of their hair. So next time when you visit to your salon consult with your stylist and tell him about your choice of color he will definitely help you in bringing your new  hot and glamour’s appearance.

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