Who doesn’t wants to have healthy hairs? No one loves baldness. But due to some reason or other hair fall is the most common issue we can see today regarding beauty. We often notice people taking medical treatment, trying homemade remedies to prevent hair fall or to reduce its frequency. Many medicines or therapy are present to get rid of this issue and multiplication of hair is one of them.

Hair multiplication is also known as hair cloning. It is a hair treatment which is researched all over the world by dermatologists. The hair follicles are present even in state of baldness that help to regenerate the hair which need to be processed.



Hair cloning is different from hair transplant as it has a regular way to focus on the follicles that require redistribution of own hair. It is and rogenetic process and even common genetic hair loss.


How Does Cloning Got Introduced:

Dr Bernstein had a great research on the topic in Columbia university as a cure for the treatment of hair loss. In vitro cells are multiplied in hair cloning, which is genetically grown outside the body and then it implants in the scalp with a strong hope that new hair and permanent hair will grow that will give a soothing personality. This treatment is interesting and is rapidly developing in the field of science as hair cloning. For decades scientists and dermatologists have researched about this treatment for permanent hair loss cure.


Successful Treatment Of Cloning:

There are sets of thoughts, ideas and laboratory treatments that consider for this treatment and a successful attempt is made by some scientists and physicians. There is a common and a little difference between hair cloning and hair multiplication. A significant challenge is present when talking about hair cloning as this is a complex method that is used in test tube to multiply the follicles.


How Is Cloning Done?

This is the process where the chemical is injected in a person’s skin to promote new hair permanently. The dermal sheath cells, are the main element for this process that are focused from isolated person’s skin and injected. The cells are then implanted and interact accordingly to stimulate the full terminal which is known as normal hair follicles. The most awaited induction process is now ready to take charge and experimented for a full proof result. Hair weaving is different in which chemicals used in a greater amount are injected into the skin for a temporary hair transplant.



The donor cells are the male, but they are injected to females to produce the results. This is an interesting fact that is researched by scientists and physicians after a long study and experiment. The main thing to note is that cells are not rejected by any means as they can be transferred and injected accordingly for best results.



The different models for hair cloning are described in an effective way to generate the results. Implanting Papilla cells, implanting DP cells consisting of keratinocytes, DP cells with miniaturized follicles and a very famous method cell implantation. These are famous methods for hair cloning, but care and safety concern is must which is medically tested and may sometimes cause side effects. Malignant or tumors can be a result, if not medically tested as there are obstacles which are overcome and are guaranteed safety with an effective result. The three stage process is the step for hair cloning and years have passed in this research.

Being a new, effective and promising treatment for hair multiplication, cloning of hairs need special and extra care.

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