Greying of hair is common problem and it increases with age but if it is also affected to your children at very young age. If children affected with this problem then there must be two causes lack of nutrients and heredity. Lack of nutrient is the main cause of this reason. And it is must to take proper diet like proteins, vitamins, iron and iodine. As we know hair is made up of protein, so lack of protein is the main reason for the hair problems. Other reasons that affect the children are described below.


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Main reasons of greying of hair:-

  • Diet:- today children are also affected with this problem because they like only junk food which is harmful for their health, and result weakness. Weakness is the main reason of grey hair in people.


  • Heredity: – – This is another main problem for greying of hair in children. If anyone in our family affected with this problem then it may also affect your child.


  • Disease: – if anyone suffering with certain diseases likes tuberculosis, tumours etc then also hair decolouring starts.


These are some reasons that causes white hair problem in kids. But it is also important to get rid of them. And you can easily get rid of them by including healthy diet food in your food. Here are some healthy foods items if you included in your diet then you can easily throw away this problem.


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  • Almond oil: – massage is very important for healthy hair. Then it is must to massage with almond oil and take benefits of it. Take 2-3 tablespoon oil in a bowl and massage it with your fingure tips.


  • Coconut oil and lemon: – lemon contains citric acid and citric acid is best for hair. You just need to apply this mixture to your hair and massage it for about 10-15 minutes in twice a week.


  • Curry leaves:– you just need to boil curry leaves with water until it turns black and remain it to cool and for some time and after that massage this oil on your hair. And takes benefits from this oil.


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  • Amla: – Amla is also very effective for the hair and treats all kind of hair problem. You can use amla oil for massaging and boil pieces of amla with coconut oil and apply it to your scalp.


  • Yoghurt: – yoghurt is very beneficial for hair. If you are at young age then you can also try yoghurt for washing your hair and it is also best if taking with a tablespoon of yeast for children.


These are some healthy food items for children and you can also try oil like amla, coconut and almond for massaging. But need to remember that if your children have this problem then it is not a good sign about their health. So just try to give them a proper diet and try to understand other reasons for that.


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