Good Skin Care Tips for 20’s, 30’s, and Beyond

Good Skin Care Tips for 20’s, 30’s, and Beyond

Skin is one of the most important parts of our body that matters a lot when it comes to our appearance and looks. A healthy and glowing skin makes your personality attractive and incorporates confidence in us. But healthy and glowing skin is only the thing that a few people are blessed with. As we grow older our skin go through several changes due to internal body reforms & growth. Our skin gets drier, sensitive, sagged, dull and thin over time. So in order to maintain its glow, hydration and firmness over time, we should take care of it. It is not important to use costly products and treatments to keep your skin glowing. But if you become skin conscious at your early ages and keep following simple things that are important for your skin, then you will be definitely the one with glowing and extremely attractive skin. And your skin glow with keep with you for long. In this article we are sharing simple skin care tips according to age group that you must follow to have a beautiful skin.


Skin Care Tips For 20’s


If you are at your 20’s then it’s most probable that you are going to face acne. While body grows from a child to an adult several hormonal changes occur in our body and these hormonal changes lead to acne. Here are a few simple yet very important tips that you must follow to make your skin adorable.


  • Keep your skin protected from skin as sun rays causes fine lines and wrinkles. Sun damage at your 20’s can cause severe effects after 10-to 15 years. Use ideal sunscreen before you get exposed to sun.


  • As most people face acne at this age. So as soon as you start getting pimples, consult with a dermatologist to stop this from expanding. In such care avoid dehydrating products. You should try to use products with less or no oil.


  • Our 20’s we get maximum collagen support and after our 30’s the collagen content starts decreasing in our body. So we should moisturize our skin properly to have a healthy skin for years.


  • Consume foods that are highly rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E and more. As these nutrients have anti-aging properties. Proper nutrition at our early age supports our skin at later stages. So consume, oranges, papaya, berries, kiwi and more such foods as much as you can.


  • Clean your face whenever you get exposed to dust to open up your skin pores filled with dirt. It is also a good idea to wash your face before you go sleep.


Skin Care Tips for 30’s


  • If your facial expressions form fine line on any part of your face, then you should undergo Botox to prevent these fines lines increase their depth.


  • Make use of creamy cleanses that contain AHAs or glycolic as these will give rise to collagen and help to hydrate your skin.


  • If you have sun spots on your skin then do a benign massage with jojoba and rosehip oils. As these are considered to be the best oils to fight sun damage. Make use of lotions & moisturizers enriched in vitamin C.


  • Do not use harsh scrubs. As we get older and older our skin become thinner, so using harsh scrubs can cause severe damage to our skin.


  • In order to avoid dull looks of your skin, you can do exfoliation at home using products like, Skin Ceuticals Micro-exfoliating Scrub and a skin cleansing brush.


Skin Care Tips For40’s, 50’s And Beyond


  • After our 40’s or 50’s, our skin loses elasticity and become sagged, dull and wrinkled. To prevent all these aging signs you need to give proper hydration to your skin. You should use products that include ingredients like peptides and coenzyme Q10.


  • Skin care products with AHA or salicylic acid are good to use for reducing aging signs.


  • Protect your skin from moisturizers and lotions that support SPF 15-20 formula. As this will help your skin protect from harmful rays of sun.


  • If you are interested in anti-aging surgeries then you should undergo plastic surgeries like platysmaplasty and blepharoplasty.


Whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or beyond, following all such general tips will help you to maintain the overall health of your skin and look beautiful for irrespective of your age.


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