Genius Ways to Tame Frizzy Hair

Genius Ways to Tame Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair are just irritating. And these get frizzier on the say when you have just washed them off. Frizzy hair not only look bad but also cause more hair fall whenever you try to comb them. These put you in quite a situation of discomfort. Do you want solid solution for treating your frizzy hair? Well for this you need not to go for hair straightening treatment as you can treat them quite simply by just following simple guidelines. So let’s explore such genius ways to tame you frizzy hair.


Applying Conditioner on the Roots

The follicle of you frizzy hair look like strands that curl into fringes. This could be seen with microscopes. It means that the roots of your hair are too much dry and this dryness makes them curl. So applying conditioner can be a good help in treating your frizzy hair. The usual way of conditioning is at the tips or outer part of the hair not the roots. But the dryness or frizz actually occurs on the roots. By applying conditioner on the roots you will be delivering appropriate moisture to them thus preventing them from frizzing.


Volumizing Spray

The fizziness might cause both curly as well as straight hair to lose their shape. By using a volumizing spay you can keep you straight hair in appropriate condition without being limp and will also keep the curls of curly hair bouncy.


Anti-Frizz Spray

Anti-frizz spray is one of the most popular solution use by ladies to treat fizziness of their hair. Don’t directly spray on your hair rather spray on your hands and then tap that lightly at the roots of hair. This will keep the frizz of your hair under proper control. A anti frizz spray may also consists of certain chemicals so this should not be used in higher quantities.


Blow Dry in Sections

If you want to give straight look to your frizzy hair with blow dryer then make sure that you are blow drying them in sections. Create separate sections of your hair by dividing them in at least four parts. Now blow dry each section individually to have better straightening effect.


Avoid Washing Hair Frequently

Washing hair frequently may also give rise to permanent frizzy texture of the hair. Since our hair also have their natural moisture that they gain from the clogs of scalp. So by washing hair frequently will prevent hair to gain that natural moisture appropriately. And in turn your hair might get much drier and frizzier. It is recommended to wash hair once in a week. If you have too much oily scalp then increase it to two but not more than that.


Avoid Using Cotton Pillowcase

Do you pillow while sleeping with cotton pillowcase? The cotton cloth may create friction against the hair while sleeping thus resulting in frizzy and rough hair. It is better to invest in a silk pillowcase as hair can glide smoothly on the silk cloth thus preventing hair from frizzing.


Apply Hair Mask

Hair mask is one of the most effective thing that you can do to treat your frizzy hair. As hair mask delivers necessary moisture to our hair from roots thus preventing frizzy hair. You can reduce the dryness of your hair by applying a good hair mask once in a week.


These are some amazing techniques with which you can treat your frizzy hair with gorgeous style and look. Follow all these tips and prevent your hair from being frizzy. Also stay connected with us and keep reading more articles to get effective makeup and beauty tips.

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