Funky Half And Half Lip Makeup Tutorial – Pink And Brown

Funky Half And Half Lip Makeup Tutorial – Pink And Brown

Some of the ladies and girls are fond of experimenting with their lips. They always want to be center of attraction by doing something different and unique with their lips. And as lips are most attractive part of our body so such unique makeups look amazing on some occasions. Such makeups add some fun to our day to day life as on daily basis we remain simple, regular and in our usual makeup. But doing something different or irregular with your lip makeup add a lot of fun and playfulness to your life. A few of the unusual lip makeups one about which this article is based on is Half and Half lip makeup. In this lip makeup you color your top lip with one color and your bottom lip with other color. So here is the complete tutorial for this funky half and half lip makeup using pink and brown lipstick colors.



  • Start preparing your lips by exfoliating them. Use a tooth brush with slightly soft bristles to scrub your lips. Rub your lips with tooth brush gently so that flaky and dull skin of your lips may get removed. Once your flaky skin will get removed you will be left with comparatively soft and fresh lips behind. You can also use any scrub available in market for exfoliating your lips.


  • Now moisturize your lips using a suitable lip balm or moisturizer. Apply appropriate layer of your favorite lip balm and let it get absorbed into your lips. Leave for 1-2 minutes and after that remove oily residues using cotton or tissues. Sticky residues of your lip balm can prevent proper application of your lipstick. You should not leave any stickiness on your lips due to lip balm or moisturizer.


  • Next apply a good concealer over your lips to hide fine lines and cracks present on your lips. Concealer will also smoother your lips thus helping your lipstick get applied more evenly over your lips.


  • Take a small amount of suitable foundation on your finger tip and apply on your lips. Foundation will help your lip makeup last for comparatively longer time. It will also help to prevent smudging or bleeding of your lipstick. You can also use an applicator brush for applying foundation.


  • After foundation line your lower lips with brown colored lip liner. Make sure to sharpen your lip liner properly to avoid any irregularities in outlining. Start from the corned and move to the center. Only apply this lip liner on your lower lips.


  • Now take pink colored lip liner and outline your upper lip just like your lower lip, starting from corner and then moving towards the center. Don’t forget to line “V” shaped area of your lips. In case of both the lip liners it would be great to use one darker shades of liners than your corresponding lipsticks for much better effects.


  • Once you have outlined both of your lips with different lip liners, next you need to apply your brown creamy lipstick to your lower lip. Apply carefully keeping the application within the lower lip outlines. Only apply this lipstick on your lower lip.


  • Next take pink lipstick and apply on your top lip. Remember to apply the lipsticks evenly on your top lip.


  • Blot excess of lipstick from both the lips using a tissue.


Thus your half and half lip makeup is complete.


Hope you liked this unique and lovely makeup tutorial. Try these unique makeup tricks once and you will definitely have great fun in looking so unique and playful. Share your comments with us and let us know your thoughts about this makeup trick.

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