Foods That Dry Skin Loves

Foods That Dry Skin Loves

Winter brings dryness and hence the skin starts looking dull and messy. You are into the task of checking and implementing various moisturizers and lotions to keep your skin moisturized. But do you know that the skin needs to be well nourished to remain healthy in winter as the non humid atmosphere of the winter dehydrates the skin???

Hence rather than applying the creams and lotions it is better to take care of the skin internally by eating the food that dry skin loves. It is about eating the right food than only eating out. Here we see the various foods which need to be consumed to mitigate the dryness.


Green leafy vegetables:

Green leafy veggies serve a good purpose to the skin by holding the quality as a natural antidote for dry skin. Leafy vegetables like spinach contain phytochemicals which encourage hydrated skin and give natural glow to the skin. They are enriched in nutrients and vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C. Beta carotene lessens any risk to grow due to the harmful radiations of the sun as skin becomes sensitive when dry.

Moreover, green vegetables contain fibers which regulate digestion. When the food is properly digested then it reflects in the skin. The itchiness caused due to the onset of winter can easily be overcome by the help of the green vegetables.


Dry fruits:

Dry fruits and nuts are no doubt wonderful for dry skin. Nuts such as almonds are great to chew on when it comes to nourishment of the skin. They are enriched with vitamin E and many fatty acids which support skin hydration.

Your skin will glow naturally if you are healthy from inner side. Well dry fruits and nuts provide a hand in this. Most of the health disorders can be wiped out on the consumption of these nuts. The cholesterol reduces and heart attacks are barred. With this your skin glows naturally, avoiding dryness. A daily consumption of cashew nuts and walnuts promotes the generation of new cells and tissues. Hence skin rejuvenation is fastened.



After the complete onset of winter the skin starts drying to the extreme. In such a condition dry patches swathe the skin and therefore dead cells begin to appear. Indications of premature aging start to commence unless any step is taken. New cells need to be regenerated to maintain the even tone of the skin.

Omega 3 fatty acids help in rejuvenating the skin cells, which is found in large quantities in fish. Increase the intake of fish in winter to help you avoid dry patches. Especially salmon, mackerel and herring fishes emphasize the growth of skin.


Dairy goods:

Products related to dairy farm such as milk, butter and cheese are enriched in protein and fat. To avoid dull skin in winter these products have proved to be the best. Not only have they provided nourishment to the skin but also to the overall body. Intake of a glass of milk on a daily basis brightens the skin texture and makes the skin membrane tightened.


Olive oil:

Consume the right oil rather than oily food. For dry skin, no one can beat olive oil. Olive oil is composed of fats, vitamins like vitamin E and anti oxidants. Cook your food using olive oil. You may have some green salad prepared using few spoons of the oil.

Daily consumption of olive oil will cause no harm. It is completely safe to cook food in olive oil.


Apart from taking the right food, you must keep your skin hydrated by taking lots of water. The intake of heavy amount of water and the correct composition of food prevents all skin disorders related to dryness.

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