Flawless Lipstick Makeup-Tutorial

Flawless Lipstick Makeup-Tutorial

Lipstick has become an unavoidable accessory for the women of all ages. It has become an important fashion tool to carry in their bags without fail. This is because Lips are the sexiest part of the woman’s face. Applying bright and suitable lip stick colors will definitely enhance one’s beauty and confidence.

In addition to this, it is mandatory to know the perfect lip color that may suit your skin tone.

Here are few tips for different skin tones:


Fair skin:

Fair skin tone often looks great with fruity colors especially orange which will really enhance their fair skin tone.


Darker skin tones:

Deep plum colors, red and berry color look perfect for the darker skin tones.


Medium/light colored skin tone:

Deep reds, deep pinks, brownish red lip stick colors look perfect for medium or light type of skin tones. But however, every woman must know how to apply lip stick flawlessly and perfectly.


Thus, let us check out the ways of how to apply the lip stick flawlessly.


  1. Take a best Lip scrub:

Choose a perfect lip scrub which will remove any kind of dryness and rough lines in your lips and hydrate your lip area with moisture. If you do not wish to buy any lip scrub, then make use of sugar and honey which gives you the same result. After applying the lip scrub, gently apply and rub lip balm around your lips to keep it moisturized. This is a very important step before applying any lip stick.


  1. Apply best foundation or compact powder:

Make use of best foundation cream or compact powder to hide all the hyper pigmentation around your lip area. Also, apply small amount of foundation on your lips, gently rub it to spread on your lip area and set it compact. This is also an important step if you wish to have a perfect and flawless lipstick makeup.


  1. Choose the best Lip liner:

Always choose the right color lip pencil that exactly matches your lip stick color. Also, choose only matte finish lip pencil that give rich and creamy look. Cover the perimeter outline area of your lips and clearly join the edges. Smiling posture will help you to cover the corners of the lips. Also draw small lines and connect it together if you are not good in steady hand drawing.

Let the line made by the lip pencil be thick and creamy.


  1. Use best fluffy brush:

Now take a small fluffy brush and apply the lip stick to your lip area. Gently rub using this brush to get a perfect finishing. Using brush than the direct lip stick tool will give a better finishing look.


  1. Dab some lose powder:

Now dab some lose powder on your lips to make it smudge free. Gently spread it around your lips using the brush and let it mingle with the lip color. Now take a tissue paper and hold it into half and remove any excess lip stick on your lips.


  1. Adjust the uneven areas:

Rubbing with the tissue paper will cause imbalance to your lip color. Thus, adjust it again by applying it slightly on your lip area.


  1. Apply lip gloss:

Choose a shiny and glossy lip gloss and apply it above your lip stick color. This will give you a shiny and glossy finish thus making you more stunning and prominent.


  1. Make use of Concealer:

Now choose a best highlighting concealer and it is better if the concealer is 3 shades lighter than you natural skin tone. Use this concealer and outline the area of the lips using thin brush. Make use of your fingers to rub the excess concealer around your lip area. Apply it perfectly to hide any flaws around the lip area. This will give you a perfect look of Lip stick makeup.

That’s it!! Follow the above steps to get a perfect flawless lip color makeup.

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