A fit body contents a healthy heart. But for a healthy body wants so many workouts which make over body healthy. For a fit body we have to follow a good routine in which we follow exercise, yoga and many other different fitness tips and  workout which make you strong internally and healthy internally. Adding fitness and exercise into your daily routine is an ideal way to benefit your health. Daily routines fitness tips makes you healthy and fit without any dieses and with so much effective results. It’s must for us to have regular routines to make our self healthy.


Regular work out for fitness:- Regular workout for fitness is so important for us to achieve a healthy body. It’s not a very difficult task; with simple regular routine and regular body care we can achieve a healthy body. Here is some simple fitness routine for fit body.


  • Jimmying:– jimmying is the most popular fitness exercise to achieve a fit and healthy body. Know a day’s youth can follow this fitness in a trendy way but over all its give healthy and fit body. At jimmying so many exercise are available some are for weight lose and some for weight gain in any field jimmying is so popular work out. Not only youth but also mans, woman’s all follow this today for workout and to achieve healthy body. In jimmying we workout with so many different type of machines and weight to make body healthy.


  • Running or jogging:- morning walk is one of best way to make our body healthy. Regular morning walk not only reduce weight but also incise blood circulation. And it’s incise the oxygen level to because at morning atmosphere is so fresh and healthy for body. So running and jogging is good for health fitness.


  • Yoga:- yoga is one of best way to achieve a good healthy body. It’s a simple and healthy and easy home exercise which we easily do at home for a fit body. It’s not only give fitness to your body but also give shine face and yoga is one of exercise which not only affect body also give good results for face and hairs to. Different type of yoga classes are popular today and so many different type of video DVD’s and regular TV programs are also available for yoga classes. Yoga is effective in all categories like weight loss and weight gain.


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  • Sports:– sport is also a one of good exercise for fit body any type of sports which contain workout like running, jumping etc is good for health. So also follow any type of sport like volleyball, football to contain fit your body. Sports are one of best exercise if you are not able to go Jim or for a morning walk. So play any type of sport regular for some time to achieve a healthy body.


  • Swimming:– swimming is a best exercise and fun activity to. 10 min of regular exercise in a best exercise for achieve a healthy body and its good for all type of age group. Swimming can effective for so many health benefit it keeps your heart rate up and builds endurance, muscle strength and also helps maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs. It will provide an all-over body workout. So swimming is a best exercise.


  • Dancing:– dancing is also a one of best exercise to stay fit it’s also so easy and warm full and reduce fat and keep your body healthy so if you regularly dance as like exercise at list 1 hour in a day it’s also a good fitness tip.


Work out is best way to achieve a healthy body but some simple routine and care also make your body fit and fab at same time so it’s must that with regular exercise we can follow some regular routine to with regular ideas.


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How to improve your fitness:- to improve your fitness regular exercise is important but some simple regular rules are also important to stay fit. So always follow some simple tips for stay fit.


  • Keep a regular routine:– if you want to stay healthy then follow a regular routine to stay fit keep exercise and stay healthy and make a routine because regular doing one exercise can give pain in measles so always follow a routine like at Monday do jogging Tuesday do yoga etc.


  • Eat a healthy diet:- if you eat healthy diet then you stay fit sp always follow an healthy diet regular for that never skip your breakfast and always follow oatmeal, fruits, juices and salad in eating habits it keep you fit and healthy and provide all type of minerals and vitamin which are important for regular amount. Drink water. Before having food drink water aprox 20 o 30 min later.


  • Take rest:- a proper rest or sleep make your mind Sharpe and body healthy. For that it’s must that we take proper 8 hour sleep and takes proper rest so always take rest to make your body healthy and to stay fit always.


  • Exercise:- exercise is also a one of best median to stay feet its always important that we worm up before exercise so always do regular exercise to stay feet and healthy. Different types of exercise like yoga meditation are also good option for stay fit and also easy to do at home.


  • Regular routine checkup:- are you healthy??? It’s a big question for all now a days because the routine we follow and eat food we are not convincing with all that so always take a regular body checkup with your faithful doctor and take some advice from them to stay fit and healthy.


If we regular follow these tips in over regular routine then we always stay healthy and fit and although these all thinks always be positive and reduce the stress from your life enjoy the happy moments its can also improve your health.


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