Fight Memory Loss with Brain Boosting Tips

Fight Memory Loss with Brain Boosting Tips

You are going to the market for shopping, but suddenly forget the list of grocery items. Going to the kitchen and forget the reason. As the years passes the memory loss might be increasing and also due to some unhealthy habits such as smoking, drugs, alcohol, unhealthy diet and stress. It is prominent to know that getting older is not linked with memory loss, its due to we do not implement any kind of memory boost techniques and huge change in lifestyle.

As you know about meditation and yoga they help a lot in boosting memory and help to calm your mind and body. Well don’t waste time, let’s see how we can improve memory power.


  1. Meditation:- Meditation is a well know way to reduces the stress and helps to keep mind healthy. According to study it is founded that, over the time the size ability of the brain decreases which results in several diseases like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Parkinson’s. Meditation enhances the power of brain so that gives positive charge to the mind. Meditation is the key of healthy mind and healthy life.


  1. Exercise:- Did you know the benefits of exercises? It is always recommended to add exercise in your daily schedule for healthy body and healthy mind. Exercise play a prominent role for healthy body for that you have to take out half an hour from your daily schedule and you can also block 10 minutes daily for exercise if you are too busy. Exercise increases the flow of blood into brain which helps in brain empowering. So let’s go for it, to improve brain’s health.


  1. Sleep:- Enough sleep help to functioning your brain properly and responsible for both mental and physical health. In today busy schedule no one has time to take proper 8 hours sleep and this also can be a reason for the loosing memory and physical health also. It is also found in a research that a proper sleep is enough to improve brain’s health, it also establishes connection between neurons, and neuron helps to remember tasks. Do you have sleepless problem then take a cup of warm milk and get go to bed. This ancient remedy helps to get rid from this problem. So don’t waste your time by looking here or there in night when everyone is sleeping.


  1. Memorize things in a different way:- If you are really getting tired from your memory loss problem then try this new way, now you think how we can. It s not a big task just rhymes, acronyms the things which you need to be remember. It will help to memorize things more easily without any effort. Just like a word BAG can be Banana, apple, grapes. This is the proper way. You can also prepare a sentence due to remember a word. This will really help to learn the things for a long time.


  1. Reduce your stress:- Stress badly effects your body and brain health, sometimes it makes the condition worse. It is always recommended to reduce the stress but the question arises how? The first thing is not to think too much it will only increase your problem. Don’t be feeling alone, it will be dangerous sometimes. Taking laughter therapy with your family and friends, if everyone is bust then arrange get-to-gather after few weeks or days. Remember one thing guys laughter is a greet therapy so just do it.


  1. Healthy diet:- Our brain need lots of energy in comparison to any other body organ and it will only take from food. That’s why it is always recommended to take healthy diet and avoid junk food. Drink plenty of water and include healthy food like berries, green vegetables, avocado, tomatoes, fish, nuts and seeds, vitamins rich food.


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