Feingold diet plan

Feingold diet plan

Feingold diet plan is a diet plan which help the children to overcome with the disorder like ADD(attention deficit disorder) and ADHD(attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder). This diet plan is developed by Dr. Benjamin Feingold who developed this diet plan for the children. But the question come in mind that, How children affected with these problems? It is found that preservatives that are found in foods are the main reason of this diet plan.


History of Feingold diet plan:-

Feingold diet plan is a plan for children who are suffered from hyperactivity. As we know it is very important to follow a diet plan is an important task because it is directly affect to your health. From this diet you can also diagnosis of the eczema and asthma. According to FAUS (Feingold association of a United states), measureless diet is not good for health, it can cause various health related issue like asthma, eczema, migrane. People with ADHD problem are suffer from many problem like hives, ear infection, congestion, bedwetting and daytime wetting, headaches and migrane, stomach aches, leg aches, diarrhea and constipation and seizures. Many other problems like sleep problem, hyperactivity, impulsive actions, emotional problem etc. For all these types of disease Feingold diet is very effective.


Function of Feingold diet:-

In this diet plan food items that contain harmful additives are replaces with food items that are not contain harmful additives and contain same benefits. This diet plan is different from other diet plan and works in two stages. In stage 1, chemical and salicylate compounds are removed that are present in certain food additives. Stage 2, include the identification of salicylates that can be ignored.

It is found that people who follow the Feingold diet plan experienced more focus in comparison to others. If we restricted the additives on diet 75% of children made improvement.


Chemical and additives that are eliminate in Feingold diet:-

• Flavouring such as vanilla, strawberry etc these are made up of chemicals. These types of chemical are not healthy, especially for the children.

• Artificial sweeteners such as sucrolose and aspartame.

• Artificial preservatives such as TBHQ, BHA and BHT that are made from petroleum;

• Synthetic coloring which are also made up from petroleum or crude oil;

• Food dyes such as Blue 1 and 2, Red 3 and 40, Green 3 and Yellow 5 and 6;

• Other unwanted food additives such as MSG, sulfites, nitrites and sodium benzoate;

This type of diet plan is also used for diagnose the certain food additives which causes the problem like ADD or ADHD.


Benefits of this diet:-

• Feingold diet is a balanced in which fresh fruits and vegetables are includes.

• This diet is also very beneficial because in this artificial additives are removed form the diet.

• While following this diet all the essential nutrients are included in your diet. This diet can make your diet more balanced and nutritious.

• During the first of this diet, it is also possible to remove the fresh fruits from your diet because of naturally occurring salicylates.



Vegetables:- vegetables that are permitted during the Feingold diet.

• Beans
• Beets
• Broccoli
• Brussel sprouts
• Cabbage
• Cauliflower
• Celery
• Lentils
• Kale
• Mushrooms
• Potatoes

Examples of Fruits:-

• Mangoes
• Pineapples
• Bananas
• Grapefruit
• Kiwi
• Dates
• Papaya
• Watermelon

These all food items are permitted during this diet. This diet is really very helpful for children to make them emotionally strong. The main thing is that artificial items are strictly prohibited in this diet. That’s why it is more beneficial for your health.

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