Fast hair growth during pregnancy

Fast hair growth during pregnancy

At the time of pregnancy we found so many changes in a woman. Its effect woman completely and make so many changes in them. The most important think you seen are hair growth. At that time you fond increase growth of hair but it’s not like that basically its decrease the growth of hair lose at that time. And hair starts to falls slow. You can found the increased hair growth on hair legs during pregnancy. And also face the effect on thicker hair on head. It’ss down just because of hormonal changes. Pregnancy can affect a woman very much and you found so many changes on them. There are so many different reason of having hair growth faster at that time some points are given there.


  • Reasons behind Hair Growth during Pregnancy:-


  • At some point of life we seen that new hair are grown up its because in human body we found some changes and then some hair growth increase faster and make hair strong but at some point we see too much hair lose and a normal woman sheds 100 hair in a day.


  • There are so many problems face during pregnancy but at some time woman’s seen more shine and healthy hair. At that time some people found changes in body which make hair growth increased and shine and smooth.


  • At pregnancy time after giving birth the hair growth convent into normal hair growth its always increase when a lady is pregnant because of hormonal changes.


  • Woman’s who have long hair mostly see the problem of hair lose and damage during pregnancy. Rather than some woman cant seen any changes on hair during pregnancy after and before giving birth to child.


  • Some woman also seen hair lose problem during permanency because we Decreases the level of iron, protein and iodine at that time and hair become dull and lighter in shade.


  • Taking High amount of vitamin supplements during permanency can increase your hair growth in women.


So there are several reasons that increase the hair growth during pregnancy and we also face the high level increasing not only hair but nails also. So during this time we found so many changes on body.

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