Fast Foods and their Nutrition Facts

Fast Foods and their Nutrition Facts

In this 21st century, most of us are biased towards eating fast food most of the times. Most of our lives are so much busy and job oriented that we can hardly squeeze out quality time to eat other types of foods.

The bitter truth is that it becomes quite difficult to maintain a perfectly healthy diet if you daily eat at fast food restaurants. These restaurants usually use the cheapest as well as the worst quality ingredients so as to cut down on their expense and earn more. This clearly means that the foods that normally should have been healthy do not remain so when ordered from such restaurants.

However, in such a scenario it can never be concluded that the fast foods are unsafe, and you cannot reject them from your list. What you can possibly do is that you can just follow a few restrictions and be a bit cautious.


  • Try to keep the whole meal within 500 calories: An average adult generally eats 840 calories through a typical fast food meal.


  • Go for the foods that are less in fat and have protein and fiber content: Try not to eat high fat containing food stuffs. Instead you can try those that have high amounts of roughage as well as proteins.


  • Try to avoid trans-fats: generally trans-fats are found in hydrogenated vegetable oils. So, do look out for those foods that do not contain these.


  • Maintain your daily sodium intake: If you really want to maintain a perfect and normal blood pressure, try to cut down on the sodium intake.


Fast Food Nutrition Facts

Although fast foods are not s healthy, however, they have certain nutritional benefits. Let us see those in the following lines:

  1. Proteins
  2. Vitamins
  3. Roughage
  4. Safe fatty acids
  5. Sodium
  6. Carbohydrates


How can you make healthy fast food choices?

Although it is quite hard to maintain a healthy fast food choice, still try to look for better healthier options.

  • Look out for the portion size. Always try to look out for the size of the meals they offer. If you are not careful, then you might land up taking in a hell lot of calories.


  • Opt for grilled and roasted meats. Try to avoid other stuffs and go for the roasted ones, as they have less Trans fats.


  • Read the menu carefully: Always read the menu that they provide before ordering and deciding later.


Tips for keeping fast food calories under control–

By going through some of these following tips, I bet you can make fast foods a healthy choice. To maintain a definite calorie intake, try to follow some of these tips while you visit any fast food restaurant:

  • Be careful about the spices and condiments: While you are making a choice for the items, always be careful what they are using for the dressing and what spices are they adding.


  • Be careful of what you drink: Needless to say, that soda has huge quantities of sugar as well as calories. These can help to gain weight easily.


  • Try to avoid French fries. These have loads of calories.French fries are prepared in such a way, which tends to increase their taste and makes your mouth water at the very smell of it. However, when you eat those, you may be blissfully unaware that you are actually taking in loads of calories with it.


Do not make healthy food unhealthy

While at any fast food restaurant you have the utmost liberty to choose what you want to eat.

  • Salads: Salads are a great choice you can make, as they have roughage.Salad,Grilled sandwiches,Pizza


  • Grilled sandwiches: While having grilled sandwiches, do not make it unhealthy by adding loads of toppings and cheese.


  • Pizza-While having pizza try to skip the extra cheese they add.

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