Facts about Thinning Hair and Hair Growth

Facts about Thinning Hair and Hair Growth

Are you feeling that you are having more hair fall than before? Are you able to see your scalp while you comb? Are you not able to make same hairstyles that you used to do before? If you are having these problems, definitely you are suffering from hair thinning. Many of us don’t know but our lifestyle is a great reason for our growing baldness and hair thinning at a younger age. Here we have some of the facts about hair thinning. They are:

  • If you are suffering from Thyroid, Anemia, protein deficiency and low vitamin levels, there is much more possibility that you are suffering from hair thinning.
  • Poor diet may result into hair loss like eating junk food and less consumption of protein rich vegetables and green vegetables leads us to many diseases along with hair thinning.
  • If you are pregnant, then also some ladies suffer from hair thinning at that stage.
  • Some skin diseases also lead to hair thinning issues at any stage, may it be young or older.
  • Stress, which is the most prevalent disease these days, is one of the major problems for hair thinning or associated problems. Stress makes us deprived of sleep too that may also result into the same.
  • Statistics tell us that many women get into the problem of hair thinning due to menopause as there are many hormonal changes that occur while menopause and hence you get hair fall more often than before.
  • Overdose of Vitamin A in the form of supplements or medical drugs may also trigger hair loss. So we need to maintain a balance in the intake of vitamin A.
  • One of the main reasons and major ones is that your family has a hereditary history of baldness that attacks men at an identified age.
  • Some medical conditions are also the main reasons that may lead to hair loss, like arthritis, high blood pressure and heart problems.


One should not take this issue in an easy manner. We should rather think of it and start working because it may make you look aged and ugly and nobody wants to look old and bad. So here we have some of the facts that may help you grow again the lost hair.

  • Eat food rich in protein like fish, eggs and meat. These may help you get rid of the hair fall you are suffering from.
  • Eat food rich in Vitamin B. One of the major sources of Vitamin B is green leafy vegetables such as spinach. Also you can add on oranges, rice, beans and peas to your diet. After all, a healthy diet is the only way to look great and grow back the lost hair.
  • Going for meditation and yoga may also make get you out of the trouble of extreme hair loss you are irritated of.
  • Go for a massage before having a hair wash. It will make your hair strong and shiny and hence healthy hair.
  • Avoid stress. Do not over think.

These are some of the ways you can get out of the problems and hence will keep looking young and smart as always. Shedding hair is never liked by anyone. So keeping a healthy and balanced diet is a must and look great always. After all, your hair are one of the major factors to make you look great.

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