Face Primers For Oily Skin

Face Primers For Oily Skin

Primers are one of the important part of our makeup. A primer is a clear gel that sets roughness of skin perfectly making skin smooth and capable to hold the makeup for long. The significance of primer is not just limited up to this but it also provides a thin layer between our facial skin and makeup layer thus preventing clogging the pores of our skin. Which in turn helps to maintain the health of our skin and prevent further allergies or negative impacts. But if you have oily skin then you must be quite careful while selecting a perfect primer for your skin. As in this case your primer should be oil free. There are numerous options in market to opt from for oily skin ladies. Here are a few of the top makeup primers available in Indian market for oily skins.


Best Face Primers For Oily Skin Ladies:

Colorbar – Perfect Match Prime

Colorbar’s perfect match primer is one of the best option for oily skin beauties to opt. It gives a smooth texture to the skin and lets base makeup glide on skin quite easily and perfectly. It helps to shrink the pores of our skin thus preventing them from appearing over makeup. Shrinking of pores also helps to reduction in oil release.


Smashbox – Photo Finish

Photo Finish primer by Smashbox is another good option for ladies with oily skin. This primer contains Vitamin E and A that are really helpful for maintaining skin glow and overall health. It is a wonderful lightweight primer that helps to make your face adorably smooth and glowing.


Revlon – Photoready Color Perfecting Primer

Photoready Color Perfecting Primer offered by Revlon is a lightweight and soft primer perfect for oily skin. It helps to minimize the pores of skin thus preventing their appearance. It also helps to fill and cover the fine lines present on your skin. If you don’t want to use further makeup, you can also go out by only applying this photready primer.


Mary Kay Primer

Mary Kay offers a foundation primer with SPF 15 that also helps to protect your skin against Sun damage. It gives a protective layer to your skin that along with shrinking skin pores also helps to give a protective cover to your skin against damage. It is perfect for oily skin as it helps to give your skin a matte finish reducing stickiness.


MUA – Matte Perfect Primer

Matte Perfect Primer by MUA is another primer made especially for oily skin. It helps to make your skin look more even reducing appearance of oily residues over it. It provides a perfect makeup base giving a satin and matte finish. It is enriched with wonderful oil control ingredients. Try this product for your oily skin.


Clinique – Pore Minimizer Primer

Clinique offer pore minimizer primer for oily skin that is suitable for any skin tone. It is made with non-greasy formula that blends perfectly over oily skin controlling its oil formation capacity for a long time. Can be wore along or with makeup foundation especially made for oily skins.


MAC – Prep + Prime

It is a Face Protect SPF 50 primer made for oily skins to help them in giving some coverage to dark spots and aging signs. It helps to prevent discoloration of your skin thus maintaining your makeup for long.


Make Up For Ever – HD

High definition primer offered by Make Up For Ever is another good option for oily skins. It is a non-greasy primer that promotes youthful looks of your skin. This makeup primer also contains some fragrance. If you are allergic then consider this before testing once on small area of the skin.


So these are some of the primers that oily skin women must try.

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