Extremely Effective Winter Care Tips For Dry Skin

Extremely Effective Winter Care Tips For Dry Skin

The cool winter becomes chilled with time and still we enjoy it unless we get skin woes. The air being drier, our skin tends to lose moisture rapidly. As a result we get itchy skin and rough membrane. Hence dry skin needs to be taken special care during winter.

To keep the moisture level of the skin at threshold, there are certain winter care tips which can be easily followed for dry skin.



The most vital pick of winter is to moisturise your skin without giving a second thought. Moisturising does not include applying a good moisturiser only. It can go beyond that. Skin moisturising can craft through the various daily activities.

While bathing use drops of natural oil which act as a good moisturiser. Remember not to scrub the skin wildly. This may extract the moisture from the skin. Taking bath by using moisturising soap is highly recommended. Soap generally makes skin drier. But if the moisture content in the soap is high, then it can be confidently used.

It is mandatory to use a body lotion moisturiser after taking a bath. To alleviate any cracks in the skin, facilitate your skin with Vaseline. Vaseline contains petroleum jelly which can fill the cracks and soften the skin from inside.



It is better to make your skin resist dryness from inside rather than taking care externally only. The main cause of dryness in winter is that our skin loses moisture easily due to the loss of wetness in the atmosphere. So if your body is hydrated enough then there is less possibility of dryness. Even if dryness occurs then it would be quite less which would be manageable.

Hence drink more than enough water in winter and keep your body filled with water content every time. Maintain a time table so that even if you are outside you can have water any time. To compensate the reduced water content you can have fruits such as watermelon and oranges. These fruits have about ninety per cent of water substance and can easily compensate for the requisite water in the body.

The beauty products which you are using in winter must be water based or oil based. This would reduce the aridity of your skin instantly. Choose the beauty products wisely as suitable to your skin.



Cleansing is a must for dry skin. Regular cleansing opens up the pores of the skin which help in absorbing moisture. Milk cleansing will be always effective for dry skin. Milk provides natural moisture to the skin and hence the skin cells rejuvenate themselves easily.

Moreover you have to keep in mind that the cleanser used should be cream based rather than gel based. Cream based cleansing face wash is preferable to gel based for dry skin.


Applying natural masks:

Applying face packs and that to homemade is one of the most important and helpful tip in winter for skin care. Eggs can serve the best purpose to your skin. Eggs are easily available and hence a face pack can also be made from eggs with less effort. Extract the yolk out from the egg and put it in a container. Add one spoon of honey and one spoon of milk powder to the yolk. Get a good blend of the ingredients by stirring well and apply it on the face. Leave the face untouched for about twenty minutes and then wash off.

If you do not want it with egg then there is still another way. The simplest way is mix one spoon of rose water to one spoon of honey. Apply it on the face as regular face pack. Leave it to dry and then wash off. Your skin will start glowing naturally without traces of dryness.


You can use any of the tips or every tip mentioned above to have a wonderful skin in winter. Have a happy winter.

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