Essential Hair Fall Treatments

Essential Hair Fall Treatments

Every woman have an intense desire to have beautiful hair. But it becomes a serious problem when she loses hair continuously. Although it is not possible to count exactly your hair fall but according to the hair experts we lose 50 to 150 hair strands daily and for some people it may be higher than that. Sometimes you notice a handful of hair on your pillow when you wake up in morning. This directly indicates that your hair are very weak and it is losing regularly. If suitable precautions are not taken then it may be a serious problem for you. Regular hair fall may cause partial baldness and you would never like to get this. Most of us are not concerned about hair fall. They do not take proper care, and being very irresponsible about their diet. As you know protein is very essential for our hair. So lack of proteins and some vitamins may cause hair fall. So you should be very careful in selecting a diet. Always try to have a balanced diet.


Factors affecting hair fall:-

Besides the lack of nutrients in diet, there are many factors which cause hair loss. People who usually spend their lot of time outdoor and specially in bright sunlight also lose their hair. Sun beams with high intensity may damage your scalp. Bright sun rays draws the moisture from your hair and make it dry. Apart of this ultra violet rays coming from sun may damage your hair permanently.

Stress, dust, pollution, dandruff, some medical illness, genetic disorders, anemia, alopecia are also responsible for hair loss.

There are many who often visit the salon for colouring their hair. Artificial colours can give your hair a beautiful look but are very harmful for hair. Bleaching and straightening creams contain ammonia and some traces of peroxides, which may negatively affect your scalp. So instead of using chemical hair products try to use natural hair masks. Normally papaya and banana hair masks are considered very good for your hair.  In this article i will tell you some essential hair treatments.

As i mentioned above chemically based hair treatments are not so good for your hair, so try out some home remedies to stop your further hair loss.


Simple home remedies to prevent hair fall.-

  1. Coconut oil-

Coconut oil is enriched in some essential minerals which your hair require. It gives your hair an enough moisture and make it strong. Treating a dry scalp with coconut oil is a clever way. So before going to take shower rub some coconut oil to your scalp.


  1. Hair masks-

Naturally prepared hair masks are very beneficial for your hair. Hair masks contain some natural essential ingredients like banana, olive oil, honey. Due to its highly hydrating qualities, it gives a very cooling effect to your hair. It makes your hair roots strong by providing the sufficient moisture to it. Hair masks not only give your a natural shine but also prevent it to further loss. When we asked to many women about its significance then all of them had same opinion. They were very comfortable of using hair masks and  getting the best results. Hair mask can prevent hair fall up to 80 percents.


  1. Onion –

Onion juice is enriched in sulphur, a very essential mineral for hair. It increases the production rate of collagen and enhance your hair growth. Applying this on your scalp for two weeks may control your hair fall.


  1. Garlic-

Garlic is also a great source of sulphur like onion juice and is widely used in many hair products. It helps to enhance your hair growth and prevent your hair loss to a much extent.


5.Using eggs-

Eggs are widely used in almost all hair shampoos due to its effective features. Eggs contain many essential minerals like zinc, iodine, sulphur, phosphorus. It is a great source of protein which is very necessary for your hair growth. It not only makes your hair smooth and shiny but also prevent it to fall. Eggs can reduce hair fall to a large extent. Mixing some olive oil with it can be more effective for controlling hair fall.

So try these simple remedies to prevent your hair loss.

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