Enzyme Filled Papaya Beauty Finds

Enzyme Filled Papaya Beauty Finds

If you are tired of using all cosmetic products for looking more attractive and gorgeous but don’t get the expected results then don’t depend on the artificial and cosmetic products too much. As we all know that fruits are very good for our health and also make our skin more glowing and younger. Papaya is the one and only fruit which contain Papain named enzyme which makes papaya useful not only for digestion system but also for the anti-aging, skin repairing and wound healing of skin.


Advantages of Papaya :

Now we discuss the benefits of Papaya for our health and skin.


  1. For healthy hair: After mashing the pulp of papaya we can used it as a hair conditioner.


  1. For Dry Skin: Ripe Papaya is full of fat, carbohydrates, water which provides nutrition and hydration to the skin and use it as a moisturizer cream for the skin.


  1. Exfoliation: Papaya contained an enzyme called Papain are helpful for removing the dead skin and all impurities from the skin and make the skin very smooth and radiant.


  1. Repairing Skin: Papaya is full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants which help in repairing of skin that is damaged due to sun, smoke and pollution.


  1. Wound healing: If you have any cut or wound on your skin then apply the pulp of Papaya it not only heal the wound of your skin but also keep bacteria away from your infected skin.


How to use Papaya?:

  1. Use of Papaya as a facial oil: You can extract the oil from the papaya seeds and used it as a facial oil for the skin.


  1. Use of Papaya as a Face Pack: Use the Pulp of the Papaya as a face pack. After use the papaya face pack remove it immediately because the papain enzyme of Papaya can irritate your sensitive skin and reddens your skin.


  1. Use of Papaya as a Scrub: After drying the pulp of the Papaya we can use it as a Face Scrub. After gently scrubbed the dry pulp we can remove dried, dead skin and all impurities from the skin and make it gentle and fresh.


  1. Use Papaya as a Hair Conditioner:- Mashed pulp of Papaya can be used as a Hair Conditioner it makes the hair very smooth and healthy.



How different skin types peoples use the Papaya? By using lemon on skin you can get or determine the type of your skin. Then use Papaya according to your type of skin. Non sensitive skin people can use the unripe green papaya and Papain enzyme of Papaya provides very good and healthy effect on their skin.


  1. For Oily Skin People: Oily skinned people can use papaya by mashing the pulp of Papaya with multani mitti and make the paste. After applying this paste it can help to absorb oil and other ingredients from your skin.


  1. For Dry Skin People: People who has the dry skin can use papaya pulp alone to make skin smooth and healthy. They can also make paste after mix the mashed Papaya pulp with honey and aloe Vera and apply this paste on your skin and make your skin healthy and glowing.


  1. For Sensitive Skin People: Sensitive skinny peoples highly recommend to avoid unripe green papaya because the enzyme present in Papaya make the chances of irritation and allergy.


  1. For Pigmented skin people: People who skin has oily, dry in other words we can say that combination skin and use papaya face pack and papaya scrub and this will nourishes your skin and make it healthy.


So, now don’t waste your time and money on cosmetic and makeup products. Use the above tips and advantages of papaya and get the best results that you can never get using the artificial and cosmetic products.

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