Hair fall is one of the common problem which increases day by day and mostly people affected with this problem. Reasons for this problem are numerous like stress, thyroid, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of essential nutrients etc. But due to lack of knowledge about natural product and treatments people use cosmetics available in the market. But this is not a good option for your hair. These products damage your hair, so to make your hair healthy try homemade remedies which always work. Natural homemade mask are best for your hair. Here are some egg mask are described below.

• What is egg mask?–Eggs are always best option for your hair because it contain lots of protein which is mostly needed by the hair because hair is made up of protein which is responsible fro the healthy hair. Egg mask treated various types of problem like hair loss, dry hair, curly hair and grey hair. Egg is rich source of vitamins and proteins.
You can use egg by two ways like egg white and egg yolk. If you have the dry hair then egg white is best only dry hair. But for oily hair egg yolk is best.

• Egg white–It contains large amount of protein which make your hair follicle stronger. It is also responsible for hair growth because it contains folic acid and vitamin B9. It is best for oily hair; it helps to remove excess oil from your hair.

• Egg yolk–Egg yolk is not only help for makes your hair thick and shinny but also helps to prevent you from dandruff. It is also full of fatty acid and vitamin E which protect your hair from UV rays.
How to make egg mask at home?

• Egg and lime juice:

 Take an egg and separate egg yolk from it.
 Mix egg yolk with lime juice and beat this mixture.
 Apply this mixture and let it be for 15 minutes.
 Use cold water to wash your hair and see the effect of this mask.

• Egg, olive oil and honey:

 Take a bowl and pour one egg in that and also add some amount of honey and mix it well, till it combine together.
 Then apply this mixture on hair and rest for one hour and then rinse it with cold water.
 this hair mask makes hair shinny and smooth and texture thicker

• Egg yolk and curd mask:

 Take one egg and separate egg yolk ad mix three tablespoon of yoghurt in this and mix it well.
 Apply this mixture on hair properly and rest for 30 minute and then rinse out with cold water.
 This hair mask works as a natural conditioner ad moisturize your hair.

Don’t use hot water to wash hair after applying this mixture because egg curd and convert into sticky texture and then it’s too hard to remove from hair. For better result use this natural remedy once in a week.

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