Effective Natural Remedies And Treatments To Remove Old Scars

Effective Natural Remedies And Treatments To Remove Old Scars

Here I’m talking about those scars or marks who permanently stays on the face, and they look so bad, such embarrassing and so difficult to hide and remove. There is lot of reasons to get Scars likeacne, injuries, insect bites, burns, blemishes, chicken pox and face surgeries. That reasons leave stubborn and dark scars on the face and body. Other side of body we can hide it but on the face it quit difficult. Makeup istemporary solutions so we need a right, safe and permanent solution for that but first of all you have to know that what type of scars you have, because without knowing about your problem you can’t take the treatment. If you do you might be get worst situation.

Scars and marks has many shapes, sizes and colours, and it’s appearance look not good on face and that is why we always trying to remove or hide it by many mathodes.

There are 3 types of different scars and they are:

  • Keloidal marks or Scars:These scars are dark, large andelevated, that mostly appear on the chest, back and behind ears. This type of scars sometimes goes beyond that and growsmore from the outside of affected areas.


  • Atrophic marks or Scars:Stretch mark is kind of those types of scars which you get probably on pregnancy period or sudden weight loss. Then cover a big part of body and so hard to getting rid from it. They make indentation and sunken marks on your body.


  • Hypertrophic marks or Scars:This is most and general type of scar, you caninflicted with it. They are grow as dark and ugly marks, they happen because of acne, sun rays and other skin problems and infections.


So now I’m giving you the chance to remove it with some good home made remedies, count on me these remedies can cover it so well and after many use it can remove it like it never been there.
Natural Homemade remedies to remove scars:

  1. Lemon: lemons has vitamin C, which act so good to remove all the inside impurities from the face and it work as a natural bleach, it has AHA which means Alpha HydroxyAcids, it can remove dead skin cells from the face skin and slowly erase the scars. And make your skin shine and bright.

Whenever you go to use it first clean your face with the normal water and then dry it then take 2 spoon of fresh lemon juice and dip a cotton ball on it and slowly rub on your face, leave it until it gets dry then wash your face with cold water. it might be give you bit irritation when you apply it but don’t worry after some time it will went if it not you can remove this.


  1. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera gel is something natural treatment or you can call it medicine to presses of removing scars. It has anti-inflammatory properties which is so helpful to remove skin irritation and scars. You just need the fresh aloe vera, take out it’s jelly part add some drops of lime juice and apply on face, leave it for half an hour and then wash it off.


  1. Neem: using Neem is a herbal treatment. Neem work as a complete beauty care product. It has anti-biotic properties, which can remove all the bacteria’s and makes our skin clean and neat. Using every day will make your skin so well so early. You can buy Neem oil very easily in the market. Wash your hand with the hand wash and make it dry after that put some drops of oil on your one hand and with the help of other hand’s figure apply it on the scars, rub it for at least 5 minutes until your skin sock it, leave it like that foe whole night and wash next day. Do it every day for better result.

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