Effective Homemade Moisturizers For Oily Skin

Effective Homemade Moisturizers For Oily Skin

Your skin reflects your look. And looks matter for a good personality. If your skin is sensitive then you need to care a little bit more. For any age, a moisturizing cream should be suitable. Even if your skin is perfectly smooth and fine, you should not avoid a moisturizing lotion or cream. But if you have an oily skin then you would have to give a thought.

But we are sure that after going through this, you will not have that stress too. Yes. There are ways by which individuals with oily skin can use moisturisers without taking external help. You can make it at home and these homemade moisturisers give effective results too.

Olive oil as main ingredient:

For this moisturiser you need extra virgin olive oil. Such olive oil gives a healthy approach to the skin. To make it more effective, you need to take some milk in a clean cup. Milk contains lactic acid. Lactic acid makes the layer of the skin soft. About a quarter measures should be correct. Add two tablespoon of the specified olive oil to the milk and mix properly. The more you stir the better composition you get.

Give a final touch to the mixture by adding two tablespoons of lime juice. Lime acts as a scrub removing the dead cells, thus clearing the blemishes. Hence the moisturiser is ready to be used.


Rose petals composition:

This moisturiser may take you a longer time to prepare but it gives the best result. It is purely natural and healthy for the skin. For this you have to take a container and boil some rose petals. Make sure that the petals are completely cleaned. While boiling the petals add some drops of rose water into it. Rose water removes any kind of dirt from the skin giving it a fresh look. Separate the mixture by filtering the liquid. This liquid is to be used further.

Keep the liquid aside and allow it to cool down. After it gets cooled to room temperature add two tablespoons of aloe vera juice to it. Now keep the entire mixture in the refrigerator. After a while apply this moisturiser on your skin and see the result. You will be delighted to see your skin reflecting a fresher look.


Aloe vera with other oil components:

The preparation of this moisturiser requires many ingredients. Take a glass bowl and keep one tablespoon of carnauba wax into it. Then add about three spoons of jojoba oil to the bowl. Stir well by adding one spoon of water into the bowl. Take another container and heat water in it. When the water gets boiled keep the mixture made in the glass bowl on the top of the container. Allow the mixture to get melted.

Then keep the glass bowl aside to cool it down to room warmth. After it gets cooled, aloe vera gel of a teaspoon is to be added along with a single drop of rose essential oil. To make your moisturising cream ready stir the mixture properly.

Here carnauba wax and jojoba oil are the main components to be added for the moisturiser. While carnauba wax makes the skin soft, jojoba oil helps in cleansing the skin. Hence a meticulous preparation would give a perfect result.


Coconut moisturiser:

Coconut oil acts as a natural moisturiser for skins which are acne-prone. This is highly advantageous as oily tendency attracts acne to the skin. Here also we need the all time effective, the aloe vera gel. Measuring aloe vera gel up to four spoons, add it into a bowl. Then mix two spoons of almond oil and coconut oil each into the bowl. Apply the paste as a moisturiser.

The almond oil locks the required moisture into the epidermal layer of the skin. Do not get confused that how come oil can be applied on oily skin???? The oil extracts of your face is different from the oil used for moisturising.


Do you still wish to hold back??? Remove all hesitation and go ahead with these homemade products and give your skin the best look ever. More the natural, healthier is the skin.


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