Scrubbing is one of the best processes to get rid of unwanted dead skin. It is beneficial for all skin type but for those persons having oily skin type scrubbing is consider as much more important because it not only remove dead skin cells but it also helps you in removing unnecessary oil from your skin. Presence of dead skin cell and oil in pores results into many skin problems like developments of acne, pimples and many other problems. And to avoid these problems many of us went to market and buy so many cosmetic products which are available in market promising so many things about prevent our skin from these skin disorders, but these products are so expensive as well as contain so many chemicals which harm your skin sooner or later. But not to worry that doesn’t mean that you have no option to prevent your skin from skin problems. Here in this discussion we are going to tell something which is very beneficial for you guys and apart from this is very pocket friendly having no chemicals components in it. We are discussing about home-made scrubs which contain natural ingredients having so many skin friendly properties.



OATS FACE SCRUB- This is our first from many scrubs which is really very effective for people having oily skin type. A thing which is required for preparing these scrubs is only water and oats.

-You just need to grind some oats and make a very fine powder and kept it in a container. Whenever you want to use it use it with water. Regular use of this scrub helps you in reducing unwanted oil from your face and provides you very glowing skin which enhances your appearance.


HONEY AND ALMOND FACE SCRUB– For this faces scrub we need almonds and honey. And again you just need to take some almond and grind them but make sure you don’t almond too much you just need them in granular form.. Now add two table spoon of honey and mix both the ingredient well .Now your scrub is ready to use.

-This scrub is very effective because the ingredient which we use to make this scrub having so many properties .Like almond is consider as a very good skin lightening agent and helps you in preventing your skin from problem like blemishes and on the other hand honey also have properties which soothes your skin.


SALT AND LEMON JUICE SCRUB- For this scrubs you need table spoon of fresh lemon juice and same amount of sea salt. Mix both the ingredients properly and apply this face scrub on your face gently massage your face for about 5 minutes.

-Sea salt consider as a one of the best ingredient which you can use as a face scrubber having so many properties which makes sea salt as a important scrubbing ingredient for your face and on other hand lemon contains so many nutrition which helps your skin in reducing blemishes.


CUCUMBER FACES SCRUB – Cucumber face scrub is consider as a simplest face scrub among all face scrubs.

-You just need to mash one cucumber and apply on your face and remember you just need to massage your face in one direction only.

-As we mentioned earlier that it is considered as a simplest way of get rid of unnecessary oil from your face. And regular use of this scrub can help you in getting oil free skin.

-So these are some from many of scrubs which you can make by your own at your home and these scrubs is very effective and work wonders for peoples having oily skin type.

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