Effective Ayurvedic Treatments To Stop Hair Fall

Effective Ayurvedic Treatments To Stop Hair Fall

Ayurveda has proved to be successful in all walks of life. Any issues related to skin care, hair care or body ailments have been cured fruitfully by ayurvedic treatment. Hair fall is an issue in the common folks which is spreading more day by day. It is rather an embarrassment and highly disgusting to get intense hair fall. In extreme cases, the loss of hair is so severe that no treatment can keep it at bay.

Ayurveda calls it a pitta dosha. Basically it is the disturbance of pitta in the body. This is caused due to consumption of excess caffeine and meat which bring a hindrance to the functionality of the pitta. Moreover if you are in a regular practice of taking oily and fried foods then also you would be the victim of hair loss.

Ayurveda follows certain effective treatments adding to the reduction of hair fall. Regular follow up of these treatments will gradually stop hair fall.



It is an ayurvedic term and is meant as the ‘king of hair’. It is so effective that it can remove baldness. Hair loss can be stopped immediately by using this natural conditioner. You can use in various ways. Bhringaraj is available as oil. Hence you can massage the oil on the scalp and leave it for the whole night. Wash off in the next morning using your regular shampoo. The ayurvedic can be used as a hair pack too. Mix Bhringaraj powder with amla powder and Tulsi and form a paste, to apply on the scalp comfortably. Give it two hours and then rinse with normal water. This total pack is a conditioner for the hair and facilitates growth of strong hair.



Neem has valuable medicinal properties which have the potential to cure any disorder related to hair. It helps improving the scalp condition thereby enhancing growth of hair. Regular use of neem lessens hair loss and gradually eradicates the issue. Neem is available in soaps as the main composition. You can use bathing soaps if neem leaves are not in your reach. But if you can avail the leaves then try other ways to get the best result. Take a container of water and keep it to boil. Add neem leaves into it. The leaves will get boiled too. Filter out the solution and use it to rinse your hair. Remember to use the rinse only after using the shampoo. The effect lasts long. Neem powder can also be used to make a simple paste by using warm water. This paste is to be applied on the scalp. After thirty minutes wash it off and shampoo your hair.



Ritha is an ayurvedic term for soap nuts and it is well known since centuries. It stops hair fall instantly and also helps in making the growth of hair denser. Using Ritha is a better option than shampooing your hair regularly as shampoos contain chemical components which eventually damage your hair. Your own shampoo can be made out of it. Remove the Ritha seeds and crush them into a powder. Let the powder to soak for about eight hours. Why so long??? Well, if the seeds are soaked for a longer period then heavy amount of saponins are extracted which are exactly what we want. This concentrated solution is your shampoo. Do not wait up for the lather to form as it does not usually do so.


Amla and shikakai:

Amla is known as Indian gooseberry and is highly enriched in vitamin C. Shikakai also contains vitamin C along with antioxidants. Take warm water and add amla and shikakai powder to it. Mix well to form a paste and apply on the root hairs. Leave it for around half an hour and then wash off using a shampoo.


Ayurvedic treatment literally stops hair fall remarkably without showing any signs of complains. You will have dense and strong hair in a notable way.

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