Easy to Do Homemade Fruit Packs for Dry skin

Easy to Do Homemade Fruit Packs for Dry skin

Are you busy??? Yes, you are. Waking up in the morning with loads of work in the schedule has become really a routine for every individual. At this stage, taking care of the skin is really hectic to think of. Especially a dry skin should not be left uncared.

Hence this content highlights specific fruit packs which are easy to do at home. Let us check on one by one.


Cherry and strawberry:

Cherry is a storehouse of minerals and nutrients. It is enriched in various anti oxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, beta carotene, potassium, iron and magnesium. These nutrients are perfectly healthy for the skin. It is good to consume cherry and it can also be used as a face pack. The same stands for strawberry too.

For a complete face pack, crush the cherries in a bowl. Put crushed strawberries into it. Add one to two spoons of honey to the bowl. Your fruit pack is ready. Apply all over the face and neck and then allow it to dry for about thirty minutes. This thirty minute is very important. The pack induces lots of benefits on the dry skin thus delaying the aging process. The skin becomes more brightened with time.


Mango and curd:

Mango is the king of all fruits and curd is the best of all natural moisturizers. When these two are mixed then you can relieved for your skin. Mango contains vitamin C which helps in mitigating pigmentation and removing the dullness of the skin. In this case, the availability matters as mango is a seasonal fruit. Hence you can protect your dry skin in summer by using this fruit pack.

Take a ripe mango and extract the peel off. Now cut the mango into pieces and mash them in a bowl. Add curd to it. Curd contains lactic acid which encourages cell regeneration. Mix the ingredients properly and make a thorough paste. Apply the pack on the face and leave it for about twenty minutes. After it gets dried up wash off the face.



Watermelon is a seasonal fruit and works remarkably on dry skin as a cleanser. It exfoliates the skin and reflects natural glow.

Cut a watermelon into small pieces and mash them in a clean container. Mash properly so that you obtain a smooth and thick paste. Apply on the face and neck. Keep it set for at least twenty minutes. Once it is dried rinse off with cool water. Easy and immediate radiance is obtained.



Dry skin becomes flaky and dull if the skin pores remain open for a long time. Banana helps in reducing the size of pores and thus tightening the skin. It provides simple nourishment and helps to make the signs of aging vanish. When it is mixed with vitamin E and almond oil then it shows wonderful effects.

Clean a bowl and add properly mashed banana into it. Add a spoon of almond oil and about two drops of vitamin E oil into the mashed banana. Mix all of it together and apply on the dry skin. Keep it for some time and then wash off.

You can use egg yolk instead of vitamin E oil too. It also serves the same function as of the oil.



Is pomegranate your favorite fruit??? Well, it makes the best pack too. Pomegranate seeds are rich in anti oxidants and hold the qualities of anti aging.

Take out the seeds of the pomegranate fruit and blend them. Mix a little amount of water so that the seeds become a thick paste after grinding. Apply the paste on the entire face and neck. You will observe the dead skin cells removed and even tone is maintained.

These fruits make a great impact on the skin on a positive note. Implement these fruits as packs in which the ingredients are readily available and the packs can be easily prepared.

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