Dark elbow is very common problem which leads you to avoid wearing your favorite half or short sleeves clothes. Dark elbow makes you feel embarrassing in front of other people and affects your personality. Everybody likes to have attractive elbow that makes your hands look beautiful. It occurs due to constant abrasion of skin which results into dark elbow but thanks to nature which provides so many ingredients which helps you in getting beautiful attractive elbows.


Here we mention some natural home remedies which help you getting smooth and patch free elbows.


TURMERIC- Turmeric is well known spice known for its healing properties for skin. Another property of turmeric is lighten your skin which makes turmeric helpful in getting smooth and patch free elbow.

-Turmeric and milk makes a paste which is very effecting in getting attractive elbow just apply this paste on your elbow and after some times wash it off with soap for better result use this paste few time in a weak.


BAKING SODA– Chemical composition of baking soda makes baking soda as a useful and effective ingredient which works very effectively in exfoliating the elbow skin.

-Mix baking soda with makes a very useful combination. Use this combination on your elbow and scrub then wash it off with water for better results use this combination every alternate day.


HONEY –Honey has many anti-biotic properties which work as a balm for your dark elbow. Applying honey directly to your elbow can reduce darkness. If you apply honey mixing with milk and turmeric on elbow and wash it off about half n hour lighten your elbow skin and provides you an healthy and attractive elbow.


MILK – Applying milk on your elbow gives you slow but for sure results.

-Use cotton for applying milk on your elbows and don’t wash it. It provide necessary moisture to your elbow skin and alleviate the dark part of your elbow.


SUGAR AND OLIVE OIL – Combination of sugar and olive oil produce a great result regarding to dark elbows. Properties of sugar off rubbing the dirt from elbows and on the other hand olive oil works as moisturiser.

-Mixing of one table spoon of sugar and same amount of olive oil provides you an effecting paste .Apply this paste on your elbow and give a gentle massage of two minutes and then wash off with water.


LEMON –Lemon isconsidered as the easiest remedy for dark elbow. You just cut a lemon and use each part at each elbow. And for producing stunning results apply this every day.


NATURAL OILS– Such natural oils like olive oil having the property of lightening. You have to just rub luke warm olive oil on to your elbows daily for a few minute regularly. Do not wash it off. Other oil like coconut oil have property of preventing skin darkening.

-Mixing coconut oil with lemon and apply this lotion on your elbow and wash it off after about 5 minutes. For better result apply this lotion after alternate day.


WATER– Water helps in keeping your skin hydrated . Water helps your dry skin and elbows from inside it provide natural glow to your skin .So make sure to drink plenty of water.


CUCUMBER- Cucumber is also effective choice which helps you in getting rid of dark elbow. Use cucumber juice to elbow or by rubbing its slice on elbow both produce an effective effects and helps you in getting riff of those embarrassing dark patches to your elbow.

These are some natural home remedies to fix your problem, which helps you in getting smooth and patch free elbows.


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