Easy Steps to Make Eye Liner from Your Eye Shadow

Easy Steps to Make Eye Liner from Your Eye Shadow

Don’t you think using your make-up with a twist has a great fun! Is It! sometimes when we going to apply make-up, it not possible we got all the latest things have to make over, but with little twists we can handle it so well. Do you get bore with applying the same black colours eye liner, and want something different, colourful, vibrant and happening things on your life. Then let’s do ready for transformation.

So today I’m going to share with you the idea to make your eye shadow become a colourful eye liner.

This is a really simple and easy thing to do, it will complete with very few steps such as.

Let’s start to make it you required few things to make it like…



a) eye shadow power (your favourite colour)

b) Primer

c) eye shadow brush

d) Water

e) Cotton balls

f) an empty Casket.
-Step one: first clean your hands properly, there is lot of time the products comes in contact in your hands, so you have to sanitize your hand so well just to objective of hygienic and eye care.

Even you need to clean that empty casket too, and dry it well safely. You should clean it with the alcohol spray or with your liquid soap which you use to clean your utensils and household goods.


-Step two: check your products expiry date first then use it. It up to you what type of eye liner you want to apply like you want gleaming and shimmery eyeliner then you should choose powder based eye shadows, which has glitter and radiate particles, or is you like sober make-up then you should choose matte finishing power eye shadow.

For the rest you need a powder blush and highlight powder too to make it more attractive and lasting.


-Step three: corrode and put out your chosen colour’s eye shadow from the box and crush it sheer, then place it into that dry and clean casket. See probably it’s your first to make anything like this then you should make very succinct amount of eye liner, just avoid to wastage. You take that much, as you require only.


-Step four: put some drops of water in the crushed eye shadow’s casket. And mix it with the brush. Make sure about constancy of eye liner is good. It’s not to be so thin neither so thick.

Mix continues 2-3 minutes that diluted, so that removes all the lumps from it, and you get a very fine constancy.


-Step Five:After that add little amount of eye primer in the diluted liquid, Primer make you eye liner long lasting so do not skip this step. Mix the primer on the liquid for 1 minute continues so that it will melt down properly in the liquid.
Just remember one thing because of primer the eye liner you making right now, will be long lasting, it will be stay on your eyes at least 4 hours. But expiry day of both items eye liner and eye shadow are same. So carefully apply it and give yourself every day a new look.

you make your brand new eye liner with eye shadow, you can make it any time when you required. There is no boundation of colours, you can pick a colour that you want and just mix with water and primer and it’s ready to apply. Now stop throwing and wasting your broken and old eye shadows. Because you learn how to use things in a different ways.Right!

Always be careful about the hygienic. Hope this information is helpful to you. Thank you.

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