Easy steps to do 3D Lip makeup-Tutorial

Easy steps to do 3D Lip makeup-Tutorial

Lips that are full and plump are naturally so beautiful and attractive. Besides that, a fuller and unique lip makeup can expose any kind of lips more prominent and attractive. In today’s current trend, number of lip makeup has been introduced in the market. One such makeup is 3D or 3 Dimensional makeup which highlights your lips and gives it a shimmery look which is really attractive on any kind of face.

So, here are the steps how to do 3D lip makeup.


  1. Scrub and moisturize your lip area:

Make use of the lip scrub to remove any unwanted hard lines on your lips. Use fingers or damp cloth to clean and scrub the lip area. This will remove any dryness or roughness on the lip area. Then, take a best Lip balm available in the market and rub it gently on your whole lip area so that the moisture is kept intact with your lips. We make use of this Lip balm to hydrate the lips and thus help in miniaturization process.


The above step is the very essential and important step to be followed before starting any kind of lip makeup.


  1. Apply best foundation cream:

The very next step is to apply best foundation cream that exactly matches your skin tone. If you have hyper pigmentation around your mouth area make use of dark color concealer that are 3 shades darker than your skin tone. Apply either foundation cream or concealer to have a flawless skin tone which highlights the 3D lip makeup.


This is the most important step to have a long lasting lip stick color.


  1. Lip liner:

Now choose the best lip liner (Matte finish) that exactly matches your lip stick color. Choose the lip stick color according to your skin tone. As we already know, fair skin type can go for bold and deep colors like bright red and darker skin type can go for deep plum colors, berries, etc.,


Now for instance, if you are choosing the bright red matte finished lip liner, apply a thick line of it in the outline area of your lips. On the other hand, if you have big and fuller lips, apply thin coating of lip liner instead of thick coating.


  1. Apply concealer to the outline of your lips:

Now choose a concealer that is 3 shades lighter than you skin tone. Apply this to the outer area of the lips gently and do not apply it inside your lip area.


Blend the concealer using fingers or sponge so that they appear so natural.


  1. Apply your favorite lip stick:

Pick up your favorite lip stick color and start applying gently over your lips. At first just apply thin coatings on your lips. Then, bloat it with a tissue paper and adjust it again by applying the lip stick over the lips for long lasting color.


Now it is the time to get 3D look of Lip makeup.


For that, please take a shimmery (shinier) eye shadow or a highlighting powder and apply it to the center of the lower lip and Cupid’s bow area which is in the upper lip. This step will give you an excellent 3 Dimensional look exposing your lips more beautiful, sexy and hot.


Instead of the shimmery eye shadow or highlighter powder you can also make use of creamy glittery eye shadow or highlighting liquid illuminator.


  1. Blend the eye shadow for a finishing touch:

At last, make use of a fluffy brush or fingers to blend this eye shadow or highlighter powder seamlessly to get a natural finish of 3D lip makeup.


Just try this and find yourself very different among others in a party or get-together. You will definitely feel special for trying this!!

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