Lemon tart is specially a desert based dish that can be rolled up or squeezed in some ice cream to get better result and delicious taste. There are various such different and awesome ways to use lemon curd in meals. The ingredient that includes are eggs, sugar, butter, zest and lemon juice. It can be made in microwave within5 minutes and is an easy way method that consumes less time and is proportionately simple than actually preparing in stove. This is slightly a way of cheating but it tastes so well that a person becomes addictive after trying this for once. Finding it in refrigerator and just searching it for best to slather on would be next step whenever someone is hungry.

Preparing lemon curd might be a little difficult task but to use in such quick and easy ways is not an issue for anyone because it tastes delicious and mouth watering once it is ready to consume. It can be used as a topping on various bakery items. The quick and easy uses of lemon curd are mentioned as;

It can easily be used as a delicious spread on scones, toast, baked goods or even on muffins. It tastes so well with a sweet taste and can been enjoyed so the first and the easy way to try out lemon curd is a topping or a spread on selected baked goods.

It can be even used as a filling for many purposes such as crepes. Lemon curd can be filled in crepe, rolling it up and adding fresh berries on top by sprinkling some sugar powdered will taste so good.

Lemon curd can even be used as a way of topping on some ice-cream such as vanilla for getting different and favorable taste. It can even be used as a topping for cakes and cheesecakes.

As a simple way, it can be simply stirred well into cream and delicacy of fresh berries can make a desert.

For a lemon kick, lemon curd can be stirred into oatmeal, yogurt or cream and can be consumed with a great flavor to add a taste that is rich and sophisticated.

It can even be used as a filling for cookies or mini tart or may be cupcakes.

Lemon curd can be a great way to express a caramelized cream desert after spring lunch. This can be as a baked lemon curd that soothes the pastry and is silk while consuming. As a curd tart it is very beautifully stored in refrigerator for some few days and it still tastes good. Its very much famous and perfect for potluck or even for picnic.

It can even be used in lemon macarons, lemon beignets, lemon curd cookies, lemon cream Pavlov, lemon curd in layer cakes, lemon curd pudding, lemon curd crepes and lemon curd marbled muffins. These are various uses of lemon curd that can be used in an extraordinary way.

Lemon curd is the best when prepared with elegant manner and tastes excellent as everyone has their own recipes to prepare but it is mostly prepared with whole eggs, butter and sugar. Prepared in microwave it is easy and can be even stored easily for some days. Cookie crust tastes good with tart pan that can be cooked wholly and trying beignets is an awesome way to treat guests. Cakes are liked by almost everyone; an almond pound cake is an excellent way to present in desert as it is delicious with lemon curd tart. It is smooth and its texture is silky while having it

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