Dry Skin Care Tips for Babies

Dry Skin Care Tips for Babies

Infants have much more delicate and sensitive skin than adults. And the dry skin in babies causes more problems in babies than us. Dry skin causes irritation, rashes, chafing and more skin issues in infants. Soaps, detergents, fragrances, cloth dyes and chemicals can cause more irritation to baby’s skin. So it is highly important to take care of your baby’s sensitive skin to avoid serious skin issues. We are sharing some dry skin care tips for babies that are greatly effective in eliminating skin dryness of your baby.


Best Skin Care Tips for Your Baby’s Dry Skin–

Give Proper Hydration:

You all know that infant skin is highly sensitive and thus it has more chances that it will face dryness. So you should hydrate your baby’s skin properly with a lukewarm water bath. You should not keep your baby in soapy water for long. While the skin is partially wet, apply a baby moisturizer or lotion to it and avoid rubbing. This way you can prevent dryness of your baby’s skin.


Reduce Bath Time

In order to avoid skin dryness in your baby, you should not spend much time in baby bath as soapy water can give rise to skin dryness. Routinely 10 minutes are good enough to give a proper bath to your child, while maintaining skin moisture.


Bathing Water

Do not use either too cold water or hot water to bath your baby. As these will increase the dryness of skin. Rather use lukewarm water for baby bathing.


Bathing Soap

The soaps you will use for your baby bath should be not contain much chemicals. Also these should be fragrance free as fragrances can increase skin irritation to baby skin. So choice of baby soaps should be done carefully.



Emollients are beneficial against skin dryness. These give moisture to baby skin and nourishes reducing dryness and rashes. Apply emollients to your baby skin daily and keep your infant’s skin soft and dryness free. But as emollients are highly greasy and slippery so you should avoid applying them while your child’s body is wet. Applying emollients when your child’s body is dry after bath is the best idea.



Use appropriate moisturizers for your skin. Ensure to apply baby moisturizer to its skin daily so that baby’s skin can get proper hydration thus preventing dryness. Try to buy baby moisturizers that are fragrance free. You should prefer thick and smooth moisturizer instead of a lotion for your baby. As more thicker is the moisturizer much better will be its ability to reduce dryness and hydrate baby skin.


Oil Application

Oiling is the best method to keep your baby’s skin nourished. Massage your child’s body daily before getting him or her to bath. Oiling will help to give necessary protection to your baby’s skin against harsh chemicals. Keeping your baby’s skin nourished reducing dryness.


Special Winter Protection

Give your baby special protection from winter season as in this season skin gets much more dries than other seasons. Cover up your baby’s body perfectly including hands. And never leave your baby’s body, cheeks, hands etc. without applying moisturizer.


Humidify Air

If you use AC or heater, then in this case air present in that particular room becomes drier. So you should use steamer or humidifier for a while in that room. If you don’t have both of these then you can keep a water bowl in that room so that water can evaporate thus air can get moisturized. In this way you can prevent your child from skin dryness.


We hope this guide will help you in keeping your baby away from skin dryness.

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