Dry Hair Treatments From Your Kitchen

Dry Hair Treatments From Your Kitchen

Hair is like an asset for us. It depicts our attitude and helps us improve our personality. So employing hair care is our responsibility and choice as well. Dry hair needs to be given special attention because dryness leads to other issues. But regular salon treatment is not that feasible.

Hence we bring here the treatments for dry hair directly from your kitchen. These treatments are easy to implement and also they are easily reached. You can take on any of the methodical treatment as per your suitability.


Hot oil treatment:

Hot oil treatment is always the best for dry hair. It helps restore the lost moisture and keeps the scalp and hair hydrated adding to the stability of the hair. The idea is to add the correct composition of oil in a proper composition.

Take a bowl which can be put on the flame. Add a cap full of olive, coconut and jojoba oil. Pour a spoon of almond oil into the bowl. Now warm the oil. Do not take it to the boiling point. It may burn your scalp. Dip your finger tips into the tepidly warm oil and massage through the scalp. Spare some time for this to cover up the entire scalp. Wrap the hair with a fabric and leave it for around thirty minutes. Unwrap and rinse off with a mild shampoo. Soft and smooth hair will be obtained.


Rice milk and honey:

Dry hair lacks the natural shine. It looks like the lustre is lost. But it can be regained by using the rice milk treatment.

Obtain some rice milk from your kitchen. Pour it into a bowl. Add two spoons of honey while simultaneously stirring the milk. Give it a perfect texture by blending well. This mixture is now to be applied on the scalp and hair in a circular massaging motion. Allow it to penetrate for about ten to fifteen minutes. Then rinse off using your regular shampoo, probably a mild one. You will notice the changes reflecting out in the form of lustre and shine.


Egg treatment:

To regain the softness of the dry hair eggs are the best choice. Egg treatment makes the hair re-grow healthily and constitutes for the strength of the hair follicles. Moreover when egg is added with yogurt then the protein component is magnified which keeps the hair nourished and balanced with hydration.

For this treatment you need two eggs beaten into a bowl. Stir it well. Add thick yogurt to it and mix properly. Make a fine paste. Apply the paste on the hair strands carefully and all over it. Allow the paste to dry for about ten to fifteen minutes. Then wash off with normal water, preferably cool water using a mild shampoo. Extra shine and softness will be observed.


Aloe vera treatment:

Aloe vera gives you endless profits and the best quality of hair which you deserve. The aloe vera treatment is simple to use and carries loads of benefits. Softer and smoother hair is obtained dancing in your way.

Take a bowl and pour two spoons of aloe vera juice to it. As we know, yogurt adds extra softness to the hair; hence you can add three spoons of yogurt to the juice. Two more spoons of oil are to be added to bind the mixture while applying. Now apply the entire mixture on the hair shaft and allow settling down for about an hour. It is highly beneficial for the health of the hair. Wash off after sixty minutes with normal water. You may use a shampoo on the same day or the day after.


Ways are many if you look at the correct direction. On implementing any of the mentioned ways, lead you to the desired result accommodating the paramount eminence of hair.

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