Dry hair treatment from kitchen

Dry hair treatment from kitchen

Everyone loves over hair too much and care them allot we found dull and dump hair in head which seems so bad. To treat these dull fizzy hairs we take some parlor treatments who promise to fix them and take allot money from as. And  the result is zero and problem stay as it was Market available all products contains highly amount of chemical which damage over hair and scalp and make hair more dry. And work only for small time. So it’s important that we take any longer stay treatment that not only repair hair but also make him smooth and shine. And we can found these products from over kitchen. Yes it’s strange but true that over kitchen products are best for hair treatment. These products are not only increase test of over food but also enhance over beauty. These products are best for dry hair and to fix them. It’s so simple to use these kitchen products at home and give you quick and effective result.there are so many home remedy’s for dry hair are also available to make hair soft and smooth.




Dry hair treatment from kitchen–we can use so many products from over kitchen to treat the problem of dry hair and fix them quickly and we can see effective result on hair after using these products.


  • Vinegar–people use vinegar to enhance the taste of food and salad but it also a best remedy to treat dull and damage hair. It will give you shine and smooth texture and repaired all hair problems.

 How to use–take a bowl and take some drop of vinegar in this after that mix some drop of water and mix it properly Then first shampoo and condition your hair as you do regularly after that take the mixture and apply on hair and massage gently for some time rest for some time till hair can observe this properly and then rise out hair with warm water.


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  • Unboiled milk–it’s a naturally moisturizer for dull and dry hair and make hair shine and soft.

How to use–first take unboiled milk it’s a great moisturizer for skin and hair then you can apply this on hair by using cotton boll. And after that rest for 15 min and then rinse out your hair and see the amazing effect.


  • Honey— Honey is natural nourishing moisturizing for hair.

How to use–take a bowl and pour some honey in this mix some amount of curd and coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of buttermilk. Mix all ingredient properly and make a thick paste of it and then apply this mixture on head and hair rest for 30 min and remember cover hair with shower cap and after given time rinse out hair with shampoo.


  • Sugar water– it’s also a simple and effective kitchen product for dry hair.

 How to use–take a bowl full of water and mix a big tablespoon of sugar in this mix it properly till the sugar malt properly When sugar dissolved in water then apply this mixture on head as like oil and cover all the hairs with this and rest for 15 min after that rinse out with using shampoo.


  • Ghee–in ghee we found rich fat. It’s a best moisturizer for dry hair. And repair them so fast and quick.

How to use–take some ghee and directly apply this one hair and scalp and massage gently for 15 min after cover hair properly and rest for whole night and at morning wash hair with shampoo and you can see an amazing benefits on dull hair it will make dull and dumb hair shine and smooth.


So these simple kitchen products treat your hair gently and it’s avoided the problem of dry hair and makes your hair shine and smooth and these products can easily provide at kitchen.these homemade tips for dry hair are so effective and natural.


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