Drugstore Facial Kits Available In India

Drugstore Facial Kits Available In India

Taking a facial kit no doubt save your Time and Money both. Time because having a kit at home save you parlour time, you just unpack it and apply by your own, and money because that much you pay in parlour for a normal facial you can buy your own kit which you can use more the 1 time. So don’t you think it’s a smart idea to purchase your personal facial kit for making yourself rattling and stunning. I have some really good denotation about India’s most leading brands of facial kit.


  • VLCC Facial Kit of Gold for all type of skin: VLCC is an Herbal Facial Treatment to rejuvenate and strengthen your skin. This isadvanced with 24 carat gold which gives you a natural sparkle, a nice lustre and radiance to your skin.It has Special Ayurvedic Herbs which nourish and Revitalize so well your skin. It willHelps the skin all time moisturize,promotes a soft, supple texture and increases flexibility on your skin.Into the kit you get: Gold peel off mask, Gold scrub, Gold gel and Gold cream.


  • O3+ WHITENING FACIAL KIT: this is from O3+. This is an amazing product that enhances your beauty by whitening and rejuvenating your skin. Glowing skin and smooth look is what you get after facial. So do try it once for proper satisfaction.


  • VLCC party glow facial Kit for instant glow: This is packed in 60g. Facial kit. This kit so pocket friendly and comes in your budget. For instant glow you must do try it, it will makes your skin ductile and baby soft plus change your look into the graceful. It suites all type of skin.


  • Shahnazhusain Gold facial Kit: mini pack which comes in 40 g. packet,the gold pack skin radiance kit is a spectacular innovation in obtain beauty of skin & radiance. Include of age contravene pure Gold gel, scrub, mask and moisturiser, itsublimate, rejuvenates and revitalizesthe skin, and gives you a baby soft skin and blush with a golden glowand youthfullook.


  • Aroma glow facial kit: this will work amazingly on your face. This kit is specialize in lighten dark spots and Stimulate your skin completion. It can even out your skin tone and the best part of it can suits all types of skin.


  • Lout’s herbal skin whiting kit: it’s a gel kit with SPF-25, packed in 60g. Packet. Like its name it will work for enhancement your skin complexion. If you need radiantly and fresh fair skin must do try this. It’s SPF-25 protect you from harmful UV rays.


  • Ragaa Professional Anti-Aging Facial Kit: the special thing is of this facial kit is, it is manufacture with Rosemary Oil. This kit is packed in 43g. Amount of creams. It’s price only 299, so that it must be not going so heavy to your pocket. It an anti-aging facial treatment so after applying it started removing sign of aging and vanish your skin wrinkles and gives you younger look.Rejuvenates spirits in just 7 simple steps and Refreshes skin. It is made with Sunflower, Rosemary, Evening Primrose and Calendula, now you can well imagine how much you get glow and softness after using this.


  • Satvik Organic diamond Facial Kit: packed in 410g. Some of us think perhaps it not there budget but if you will do afford it then you will get a amazing experience of facial. It will Detoxifies your skin and will provide a stunning, glowing complexion which you never had before. It will help to vanish your skin smears and give you even ton skin, remove free radicals and Boosts anti-oxidant action.

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